- 4.23.16

Ashley Hall’s Lower School Performs Trouble in the Imagi*Nation

The Performing Arts Department presents
Trouble in the Imagi*Nation
featuring dancers from the 3rd and 4th grade and after-school dance program

April 21 | 8:15am and 7:00pm
April 23 | 7:00pm
Davies Auditorium
Tickets: $5.00 

Trouble in the Imagi*Nation is a charming and powerful allegorical fairy tale that celebrates the strength of the human spirit’s ability not only to endure hardship and abuse, but also to move beyond toward forgiveness and peace. Presented by dancers from the 3rd and 4th grade classes and after-school dance members, the show features a variety of music and dance forms that perfectly convey the wide range of responses—from sorrow and despair all the way to laughter and joy—that the story evokes.

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