The Christmas Play at Ashley Hall | Private School in Charleston, SC

The Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams

(from left to right) The Christmas Play: 1939, 1941, 1955, 1958, 1992, 2013, 2016, 2017

2021 Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams

Gail Townsend Bailey ’63

I tried out for Trowell every year and never got to play him. He’s my favorite character in the play. By the way seniors, we had to try out to be an angel and there were only 3 or 4. I participated in the play [for] 6 years, and I attended the production at least 38 more [times] while teaching. Break a leg shepherds, kings, angels, and Red Choir! Enjoy this wonderful tradition. 

Margaret Dillon Mauch ’64

Just enjoy the moment.

Claire Reynolds Rice ’71

Enjoy this special time in your lives. These are the days you will look back on with great fondness. These are the friendships that will endure! I’ve just celebrated 50-year friendships that started  at Ashley Hall, and we get closer with each passing year.  Good luck with the play, and as they say in theater, break a leg.

Anne Thornhill Weston ’73

My advice to the cast is to enjoy the performance. Speak slowly and loudly, sing with joy, dance with a spring in your step, and play your strings like there is no tomorrow! You monks, congregation members, and angels—walk with intention, and take your time in the limelight. A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who is contributing to what I know will be a special production!

Burnam Eubank ’82

Enjoy being together and getting in the Christmas spirit!

Margie Davis Barham ’86

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to the cast, choirs, ensembles and crew of the 2021 Christmas Play

Whether it’s your first or last, the sights and sounds of this beautiful & cherished tradition become a part of you. It’s a gift of serenity, music, joy and unity to all who witness but moreso to those who participate. Take time to enjoy this gift.  
A special shoutout to the seniorsyou are such a close-knit classbig on participation and leadershipwe are proud of you and can’t wait to watch and listen as you take stage, sing and add your musical talents.  
Ellie, your roles with friends over the last 12 yearslittle Angel, King’s Aide (once in a boot!), Joseph and now tonight a beautiful senior angel…it makes my heart sing!  Adjust those wings, baby girl, and don’t forget to cherish every wonderful minute. 
Lifelong friendships are made & strengthened during these practices and productions. Take a moment to look around the room and appreciate this amazing group and how far you’ve come.  
Sarah B as Joseph“Go forth” and grow your beard faster than anyone I knowwe are thrilled to see you and your friends add your talents tonight and are grateful for the years to come with you and your amazing class.   
We look forward to the ringing of the bells and those solos! Go get ’em girls!

Molly Hood Craig ’87

Good luck to all those participating in this year’s Christmas pageant and a very special shoutout to my wonderful niece, Gardiner.  I know you will deliver the most beautiful solo tonight, and I am so very proud of you! Love, Molly

Elizabeth Hood Willis ’89

Sing loud and proud, Red Choir!

Janie Haddad Tompkins ‘90

I wish this experience will give you so much serenity and a sense of community with your fellow storytellers. It is an honor to be a steward of any story and to share with others.It is imperative we have young people carry that reverence for storytelling going out into the world, particularly stories of love, inclusion, and empathy. Please break a leg, and enjoy your performance! Happy holidays. 

Elizabeth Wooten Burwell ’95

Ladies, this is such a special gift to our community. Thank you for keeping this tradition alive. Have fun! Wishing my beautiful niece, Ellison, good luck as a tiny angel this year. 

Guilds Peace ’95

These are memories that will last a lifetime! I was in the 1st grade, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Have the best time! 

Lilla Lane Clark ’01

To all the cast and crew, from the youngest members to the seasoned performers, break a leg and thank you for carrying on a well-loved tradition. I’m so grateful for all of you. And a special shoutout to all of the faculty and staff involved! 

Lauren Smith ’10

Take a deep breath and relax; the Ashley Hall Christmas Play is timeless and amazing every year. Y’all got this! 

Addison Propes ’18

Congratulations on an amazing milestone, ladies! For you seniors, and one special one in particular, take this moment and soak it up because senior year is winding down and will come to and end before you know it. 

To my littlest sister, Raegan, you are beautiful inside and out and I could not be more proud of who you are. God knew that the youngest of us Propes girls would need to be determined and strong—He gave us just that in YOU! I can’t believe you are old enough to take part in this tradition, but you are going to do amazing things. I can’t wait to watch your future unfold, and know I’ll always be there.

Madison Whelpley ’18

Raegan and the Class of 2022, best wishes to you all as you are about to take on your last Ashley Hall Christmas Play! Take in every moment and enjoy this special tradition. Although you all will be miles apart this time next year, these memories will last a lifetime. I am so excited for you all! 

Catherine Dixon ’19

Have fun with it! This is a special year, especially for seniors, because it is beginning to feel like an (almost) normal year again. Relish these moments because as time passes, it only grows into a more distant memory each year. Be grateful that you get to be part of such a special tradition! Break a leg! To the first speaking angel—enjoy your moment in the spotlight. This is a special role, and I hope you can fully appreciate the long line of speaking angels that come before you. Make sure to notice all of your other senior angels as they parade around the cathedral and how glorious they look. Oh, what I would give to be back there with you! 

Ashton Calloway ’21

To the Class of 2022 angels, I am so proud of all of you for getting to this point, take this time to remember how far you’ve gotten and how hard you’ve worked for this senior year milestone. Please hold this very special moment close to you and most importantly, have fun and be proud of yourselves. You will all look so beautiful and angelic while walking with your friends/sisters tonight. To Chloe, I am so incredibly proud of you for for getting the What Child Is This solo, I remember my excitement from getting my favorite of the senior solos last year and I hope you feel the same. I am excited to hear you bless the nativity with your beautiful voice. I hope you have as much fun singing this song as I did (though hopefully you won’t be standing on the bear cave with no shoes on). I am once again so incredibly proud of you, I love you so much lil sis. I am so excited to watch y’all put on this beautiful beloved production, marking your senior year ride of passage, I love all my little sisters from the Class of 2022 and I’ll be cheering you on from Clemson. Have an amazing Christmas Play.

Ava Piebenga ’21

I am so very sad not to be able to see The Christmas Play live and in person this year, but I know each one of you is going to be fabulous. Lauren, I’m so glad you are joining this tradition, and I’m sure you are going to be fabulous as the First King. I love you and miss you so much! Gardner and Chloe, sing beautifully, and know that I am listening through my computer, singing along, and sending you all my love! In bocca al lupo!

2020 Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams

Emmie Hay Alexander ’52

The Christmas Play is one of my dearest and brightest of memories of Ashley Hall. I was in the congregation for 3 years (1946-1948) and then played 3rd shepherd for 3 years (1949-1951). I remember all the long hours of practice and I can still say all the lines in the shepherds’ play, and can still sing all the hymns and carols that were in the play at the time. I can still feel the spirit gum used to glue on my beard! Miss McBee directed the play then and made sure we all knew the history of the 14-15th century Chester Cycle Mystery Plays that we were performing, and Mr. Fracht (who also conducted the Charleston Symphony) directed the music. My older sister Jane Hay, class of 1949, sang in the red choir, and sang “The Holy Mother Sings,” a 14th century lullaby and the most exquisitely lovely solo in the play. We performed at Memminger Auditorium, and once–for some reason–we actually performed at the Dock Street! I hope that you have a great performance, and I know you will always remember it. Break a leg! 

Rhett Crisler ’71

Break a leg, old man! I hope the grease paint of today comes off easier than it did when I had your part. (Maybe you don’t have to use it to make you look as if you had been in the fields watching over your sheep, but we sure did!) Awful stuff, but it’s what makes a great story looking back over the years. Every shepherd remembers it!! Enjoy, and know that you and the rest of the cast are giving a lovely gift to your community. 

Anne Thornhill Weston ’73

The Ashley Hall Christmas Play has been a significant part of my life for a long time. It was an annual tradition in our family for me to go with my parents and grandparents to the Ashley Hall Christmas Play, and I could not wait to be in it when I got to high school. As so many of you already know, I had the joy of being a senior angel (we had 4 in those days) when my first grade sister was a baby angel! To me, the Ashley Hall Christmas Play symbolizes all that is so wonderful about this season: joy, beautiful music, and the reminder of the importance of humility and love. Thank you to all our actors, musicians, and crew for a heroic effort this COVID year! 

Anne Frances Bleecker ’76

Dear Girls! I had the honor of being the First Shepherd in the 1974 Christmas Play–it was the play’s 50th Anniversary. I was the First King in the 1975 Christmas Play. In those days the play was performed at The Galliard Auditorium. So many things have changed but the wonderful tradition remains! This year will be different for sure, but I know that you will enjoy your roles and the beautiful play itself. Take care and Break a Leg! 

Elizabeth Gay ’83

Dear Red Choir:

Remember to breathe, smile and lift your voices in joyful praise. Music is a key part of the Christmas Play experience and your voices will be so enjoyed by the audience. You have worked hard to practice and memorize your compositions–now go enjoy the performance! As a former alto, I send a special good wish to the lower registers. Take a moment as you prepare for the “big show” to look around and remember your dear friends and this moment–it will stay with you for many years to come. As a class of ’83 graduate, I can say that I still remember all of it and am still best friends with my Red Choir classmates. Best wishes for a wonderful time and thank you for your hard work.

Margie Davis Barham ’86

CONGRATULATIONS to the cast & choirs of the 2020 Christmas play–our 97th year of production! In 1923, face masks and social distancing were not part of the play: Covid-19 brought unprecedented challenges but you and the Ashley Hall community persevered to keep this beautiful and cherished tradition alive. THANK YOU for defining PQV in a tremendous way.

Whether it’s your first or last year of being part of this tradition, this play becomes a part of you. It’s a gift to all who witness the beautiful sights and sounds but more so for those who participate in this special event. Enjoy this time, together, before it’s shared with others. This is your night. I, personally, was a page, jester, long-time congregation member and finally, Mary my senior year. Lifelong friendships were made during these practices. A little shout-out for Ellie being Joseph–you’re often a girl of few words so the role fits but who would have known you could grow a beard faster than your dad! I know you and your amazing friends will have a blast seeing how amazing this year’s production turns out after production! To the Seniors–thank you for your leadership and continued participation. You’ll remember your friends’ lines and solos for years to come. To whomever has the O’ Holy Night solo–thank you, already. That along with the little angel’s entrance are my favorite moments of the evening. I look forward to the ringing of the bells. Go get ’em girls!

With love,
Margie Barham, Class of 1986
mother of Ellie ’22 & Sarah Barham ’24

Rhett Ramsay Outten ’82

Congratulations to the cast of 2020! You are supported and loved by alumnae around the world! We are sad that you are not on the Altar preforming but the work you put in for this production will be a keepsake to treasure and a reminder that traditions can live on…even in a pandemic! Special shout out to Wickie, Meredith and Ella Gray! –Rhett ’82 (Little angel, 1970, 2nd King, 1980, and Big Angel, 1981).

Heather Garris Pope ’91

To the cast of the Christmas Play,
Thank you for all of the effort you put into this year’s production to deliver a performance in a very different way. From my quick glimpse from the Rutledge Street gate, there was so much excitement and joy that went into the filming. During my time at Ashley Hall, I enjoyed playing a jester, a medieval audience member, an angel and Mary. This year, I am so excited to see my daughter, Evie, play a baby angel. She was so excited to be part of such a special tradition at Ashley Hall. Thank you to Ana (the mother angel according Evie) for taking such good care of the baby angels during the performance! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Mary Atmar Bradley ’93

I attended Ashley Hall from 9th-12th grade and sang in the Red Choir so was a part of the Christmas Play each year that I was there! Lots of wonderful memories! My best friend, Caroline Pinckney and I sang a verse of “Once in Royal David’s City” as a duet in the 11th grade and then waited for years for the coveted senior solo of “O Holy Night” and were able to each sing a verse our final senior year at Ashley Hall together….was so very special and to this day, something that I remember so well! We still on a rare occasion try out one of our Christmas duets together! Now my oldest child, Liza Bradley is an angel this year in the Christmas Play. She is graduating from Ashley Hall in the Spring of 2021 amidst this whole pandemic that just won’t quit ruining things, canceling honored traditions, and taking time away from cherished friends that will too soon be off to other life adventures. Most of Liza’s best high school years and her friends have been robbed by this awful virus. After all….we know that junior and senior years are THE BEST and my fondest memories of high school days….junior/senior kidnap, prom, etc are from those 2 years. They have missed out on SO much that was SO special to me about Ashley Hall days. But….somehow, these girls have shown resilience, strength, flexibility, determination, loyalty to one another, sacrifice, and most of all GRACE during a very difficult time. I am SO incredibly proud of each and every girl in the 2021 class for their resilient spirit! And so….it is all too fitting that these girls have finally gotten their wings in their 12th grade year! They absolutely deserve them and I am SO proud of each and every Angel! They are the ones that the younger grades look up to…..the top of the hill…. and they have done a wonderful job of instilling that hope within the next generation! PQV to the Christmas Angels and to the Class of 2021!! XO, Mary Atmar

Lilla Lane Clark ’01

Dear Christmas Play cast, choir, and musicians, 

First, I want to share how proud I am of each of you for pulling off the performance of a lifetime. You all are creating history, and there is no doubt in my mind that the faculty and staff at Ashley Hall have poured an immense amount of creativity and effort into this historic performance. Please thank all of those who helped you get here today. The beauty of this performance is that you are likely making it accessible to many alums (me!) who would not have been able to see in person during a non-covid year. So thank you. As a 12 year girl, (1989-2001) the Christmas Play was very much a part of my life as a student. I played many parts….so if you are a first grade angel, a singer, a jester, or the Speaking Angel–I am sending good vibes to you. Ashley Hall is dear to me for many reasons, and the Christmas Play is at the top of the list. Thank you for carrying on such a special and unique tradition. Break a leg!

Olivia Hipp ’10

Dear girls, 

Congratulations on being part of such a meaningful, rich legacy at Ashley Hall! As a member of the Red Choir all throughout High School, I have many years of fond memories in the Christmas Play. All of the songs are so special to me, and I loved getting to see my friends play the different roles throughout the years. I even requested that “Hodie” be sung at my wedding before the Gospel reading to which my fiancé responded, “I’m not sure my family will be ready to sing anything in Latin…” Obviously they did not have Dr. Davis! I remember all those lengthy practices and excited donning of the red & white robes like it was yesterday. My senior year, I even got to sing the “What Child Is This” solo. I initially thought it was less special than the famous “O Holy Night” (still one of my favorites), but it became one of my most treasured songs and most confident memories. Don’t be afraid to let your lights shine, whichever your part! I know this topsy turvy year has left a wake of change and “cancelled” plans, and I am so grateful you are all soldiering on with the play. Rather than wallow in the missed moments, try to soak it all up. This is a most extraordinary year that will go down in history as one of the most pivotal years of your life. And how wonderful that you all get to tackle the challenge of putting on the Christmas Play despite life’s obstacles! Bon courage, break a leg, and all my love to the whole crew!

2019 Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams

Emmie Hay Alexander Hancock ’52

The Christmas Play is one of my dearest and brightest of memories of Ashley Hall. I was in the congregation for 3 years (1946-1948) and then played 3rd shepherd for 3 years (1949-1951). I remember all the long hours of practice and I can still say all the lines in the shepherds’ play. Miss McBee directed the play then, and Mr. Fracht directed the music. My older sister Jane sang in the red choir, and sang the most beautiful solo in the play. I hope that you have a great performance, and I know you will always remember it. Break a leg! 

Judith Webber Ross ’53

I was in the Red Choir, we were practicing very hard. We sang on the staircase at the McBee House and then next came the time for the real thing. It was very exciting to be in the beautiful Church. I also remember no one in my family could come and see what we were doing.

Barbara Johnson Baker ’54

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Program: I was a page my senior year which was the custom at that time: Our play was held at the old Memminger Auditorium which has been renovated as is still used for events: love to all: GO PURPLES!

Kitty Eubank Jordan ’60

Dear Red Choir members, and all who love the Ashley Hall Christmas Play, 

Here’s a little piece of history to add as you present this year’s Christmas Play. For years the beautiful solo piece The Holy Mother Sings was a part of the tradition. It must have been a December between 1933-1938. My mother, Shirley Gardner Eubank, Class of 1939, was an Ashley Hall voice student practicing the song for her repertoire. Miss McBee happened to walk by the drawing room and hear Shirley singing. That year The Holy Mother Sings was added to the Red Choir music with Shirley as soloist. 

The tradition lasted at least 22 years.  In 1958 and 1959 it was my privilege and joy to perform the same song as a member of the Red Choir. At this time of year I wonder who is singing that solo and what it means to them. It is my great hope that the song is still part of the Play, and that it still evokes the same feelings of peace and serenity for those who sing or hear it. Congratulations to all involved in this year’s Christmas Play. I’ll be thinking of you on the 6th and singing along.

“Duchess” Fitch Crowley  ’61

I was one of the angels in the Christmas play in 1959. It was one of the great memories of my life! Being chosen as an angel gave me a boost to my self-confidence which has stayed with me all the years since. Good luck to all the cast and especially the angels! You will be beautiful.

Ann Bell Smith ’63

I was Trowle in 1962 at Memminger Auditorium. Maybe your feet won’t be as dirty as mine were. “Break a leg” (not the one you lift up as you lie “pointing the way east or west“).

Jennie Levkoff DeScherer ’65

I remember being Joseph in the Christmas Play; I had a full beard and I don’t think I had any lines. I had a fun time in rehearsals and being a part of the Christmas Play family! It seems like only yesterday but it was over 50 years ago! Good luck and have fun to all!

Mary Ann Robeson ’66

Dear Girls,

My having the name Mary (Mary Ann) draws me to consider Mary, Jesus’ mother and her response to the Good News of Messiah’s birth. “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to they word” (Lu. 1:38). Elisabeth said, “And blessed is she that believed (Lu. 1:45). Like Mary, I have believed in Jesus as the promised Messiah as my Savior. May He be magnified as you portray God’s Good News in your play. Blessings.

Marge W. Humphreys ’67

I was Mary in the Ashley Hall Christmas play in 1966! The Baby Jesus was played by my teddy bear, Teds, who is still doing well. I think back with joy on that special time with my friends. Enjoy it! 

The Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams | Ashley Hall Charleston, South Carolina

Jane Dreher Emerson ’70

For the Third King—I had your role in the late 60’s. Hope your beard doesn’t itch as much as mine did. BREAK a LEG!

The Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams | Ashley Hall Charleston, South Carolina


Pictured above from left to right: Walton Vandiver ’70, Jane Dreher ’70, and Caroline Ragsdale ’70

Nancy Muller ’71

A terribly homesick “boarder” in my junior year at Ashley Hall, I was selected to sing O Holy Night in the Christmas Pageant—performed annually as a gift to the City of Charleston. That was 49 years ago. My hands still shake when I hold a hymnal to sing that glorious song. I still know the words and piano notes by heart. It is one of my favorites. But I have to say that it was so scary to perform. The School staged this in the original Gaillard Auditorium—still cavernous by my standards as a 16-year-old totally inexperienced at the time with such an audience or setting size. The point of this is not to underscore your fright but to bolster your confidence as you head into this year’s memorable experience. No doubt, you have rehearsed over and over and know every note in key and every word with perfect diction. And you will be magnificent when that magic, single night arrives. I’ll be in the balcony, silently cheering you on!  And with tears of pride streaming down my cheeks.

Therese Trouche Smythe ’78

To the pages, the monks, the red choir and, most especially, to the third shepherd: Good luck with the Christmas Play this year! It is a wonderful tradition that you won’t forget! My sister and I can still recite the whole thing! Have fun and break a leg! 

Madeleine S. McGee ’79

To the Old Sheppard—May you hobble your way on stage and convey your wonder at Jesus’ birth with pure joy! Break a leg 

Maura Hogan ’82

Dear cast of the 2019 Ashley Hall Christmas Play, 

Congratulations on the work you have all done to bring to life this most treasured Ashley Hall tradition. I am a former Trowle—and was also the director of the play in my senior year. 

Today, my daughter Beatrice furthers that legacy in her role as a little angel. With this in mind, I offer the following advice. Take a moment to look around you at your fellow cast and crew members. Take in the ethereal sounds of the red choir. Gaze well on the splendid sights of Medieval majesty and the soft pastel angelic parade. Breathe in the scent of a well-loved sanctuary. Treasure your moment in the making of this tradition. It is sure to remain with you always. 

Dolly Lockwood Lipman ’82

To First Shepherd, 

Good Luck—Break a leg! In 1982, I was First Shepherd with the itchy beard and the “very attractive” beige tunic and headdress. You may not feel pretty but you will be great—Project those lines—walk through the woods with your herbs safe by your side knowing that every Ashley Hall alumna out there in the audience is quietly saying the lines along with you!

Martha Thornhill Walters ’82

Ashley Hall is a school where tradition runs deep, and none are deeper than the Annual Christmas Play. I remember like it was yesterday being in the Green Room at Galliard Auditorium and someone reading out the letters from alumnae who had participated in years gone past. Time really does fly by girls, try to slow down these last few months at school and just enjoy the time you have at Ashley Hall. You might not think so now, but you are going to miss these days. 

Austin, congrats on being the second speaking angel. That was a big honor in my day and I know you will be as beautiful and angelic as any angel there has ever been. Riley, I can’t believe you are a senior! Holy cow, where does the time go!?!? I know you will be the perfect purple angel. I am so proud of the girls y’all have become! And a special good luck to whoever is the yellow angel! 

Ashley Hall is an incredibly special place and as you get older, the memories become even more special. Even today, my Ashley Hall friends and I know every word to the Christmas Play or have been known to burst into singing the Ashley Hall school song at a party. Ashley Hall and traditions like the Christmas Play stay with you forever. Seniors, take a minute to look around, these girls that surround you are your family. You have a bond that will never be broken. Have fun tonight girls and treasure the time you have left together!

Elizabeth Glenn Thomas ’83

Merry Christmas! As the years have gone by I still have fond memories of Ashley Hall and my role in the Christmas Play. Every year I sang in the Red Choir and Ensemble as I was the President. Girls, raise those pretty voices to the heavens and treat Charleston to a real Christmas gift! I’m sure that your hard work will truly be enjoyed. As for the Congregation and cast shhh! Keep the giggling down…just kidding but it must’ve been a little awkward in those costumes anyway. Lastly, I feel so blessed to know about this website. The reading of the telegrams was always a special moment–laughter, tears, excitement, and affection especially for the seniors. Maybe I can come December 6th but if not my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Have a safe and happy Christmas season!

Elizabeth Gay ’83

I have the best memories of my years in Red Choir. I was an Alto through all my years. And to this day, my best friends are my choir classmates. Being together in the choir created a special bond between us that lasts to this day—over 35 years later. Our class just had a mini-reunion getaway in the North Carolina mountains and those of us who had been in red choir suddenly broke out signing In the Bleak Midwinter and a few other carols we had sung in the play. Happy, happy memories. Our plays began in the former Gaillard Auditorium and later moved to the present location of the Cathedral. We used to spend about four hours in hot rollers so our hair would be fluffy and pretty and we would be in our robes about two hours before the play began. I can’t tell you how much giggling and fun went on during this time. 

The music is so important to the play. You set the mood—you help tell the story—your voices convey the joy of the story to the audience. The play would not be the same without your beautiful voices. I hope you enjoy your experience this year and take just a moment to soak it all in and remember it. I promise you will never forget these special days. And the songs will never leave you—we sing them to this day when we look back on our happy times together. Remember to bend your knees a little bit if you stand a long time—we had one faint! Breathe from your belly as we used to say. Listen to your neighbor and become one voice. Pronounce everything clearly so the entire cathedral can enjoy the messages you convey in your music. Those were our tips we lived by in our choir days. Most of all—enjoy it! All the best to each of you.

Kate Rodriguez ’86

To all you talented & brave girls—have a wonderful time tonight and enjoy yourselves. You are spreading magic!  

Gina Brown Snyder ’87

To the cast and crew of the 2019 Christmas Play: You are making beautiful memories to last a lifetime! Enjoy this special performance and your time with each other! A special shout out to you monks this year and my daughter, Anna-Leigh. Being a part of this timeless tradition is something you will remember forever! PQV TO ALL!

Becky Rzewnicki Page ’88

I had a great time in the role of Joseph my senior year. The brown tunic was not stylish but I recall it was comfortable. I think I still remember the line “Go forth you/ye three kings for you have seen this heavenly thing.” Am I close? It was 1987 so I may be mistaken. Hope it’s a wonderful event for all! Merry Christmas!

Helen Ann Harper ’89

To the Christmas Play participants in 2019: Thank you! Thank you for continuing this wonderful tradition. It is truly the start of the Christmas season for our family and I know it means as much to many others. Every single member of the cast, choirs, and strings together make the evening magical.

To Trowle and Tudde, I had the joy of playing these parts in my junior and senior years. I think they are the most fun because they bring a little humor to the story. I hope you have fun playing them tonight!

To the choir, you are the beautiful backdrop to the story that ties each piece together with each song. I still remember all the songs we sang (and our choir director, Sam, cringing every time we sang “eggshellsious”).  

To Adelaide: cherish this last year. It has been quite a journey from little angel to senior solos. We are so proud of you. Ladies, all of you. Thank you so much!  

Melissa Moise McLeod ’89 and Margaret & Sarah Elizabeth McLeod

To Adelaide Harper: 

So looking forward to hearing your solo—it is my very favorite song of the play! It seems like just yesterday we came to Charleston to see you performing as a Little Angel, and now you’re a senior in your last Ashley Hall Christmas Play! Blessings on you and all of your classmates for a memorable play. 

Angie Hewitt Chakeris ’89

Dear Adelaide and the Red Choir,

The Christmas Play your Senior year is the best! I hope y’all remember every moment of the play tonight because you will reminisce with your classmates your entire life. The music is my favorite part of the play. The acoustics in the church are so beautiful! My mother, myself and my daughter were all in Red Choir. My daughter and I both sang O Holy Night our senior years.

Adelaide—you will do great tonight with your solo. I am so proud of the poised, young lady you have become. And to all the cast, have fun!

Caroline West ’89

Thank you all so much for your hard work! As I said last year, now just “let your light shine and enjoy giving this gift.” PQV!

Mary Perrin Johnson O’Kelley ’90

To the Cast of the Christmas Play, but most especially to Margaret O’Kelley 

I am so happy that you are sharing the Angel tradition with your Aunts and me. Love A Second Generation Angel! It is almost impossible for me to believe that 30 years ago I was the peach angel. So very proud of you. Break a leg and PQV, Girls!

PS To Austin Givens, the 3rd O’Kelley child, I am so proud of you too. I know you will miss your beard from last year, but you will be a fabulous speaking Angel.

Jennifer Nistad McCooey ’99

To Mason and all the cast,

Break a leg! Wish we could be there to see you, but I know you will be great! It’s so special to be part of this Ashley Hall tradition! Lots of love!

Clayton Buckaloo ’14 and in the Ashley Hall Christmas Play for eight years

Dear Ladies,

Congratulations on your big evening! Thank you for sharing your art and storytelling through something that means so much to the Ashley Hall community. The ability to cherish tradition is both characteristic and unique to this school and with this, you will always have a home in the beautiful tradition that is Ashley Hall. Break a leg! 

Laighton Cain ’15

Here is my telegram for the girls in the Christmas Play this year. I know it is long, but I was so heavily involved in the Christmas Plays throughout my time at Ashley Hall (I was in 8 of them!). Each Christmas Play remains as my sweetest, most cherished memories of Ashley Hall. Please, please share this letter with all of the girls in the Christmas Play this year: 

Ladies! Congratulations on making it to the Night! I remember every Christmas Play I performed in, from being a little angel in 1st grade, to my senior choir solo. I was in the 7th and 8th grade choirs. I was part of Red Choir every year in high school, and was one of the first second sopranos in Ashley Hall’s first Honor Choir (or Chamber Choir, as it was called then) in my junior year. When I was a freshman in the Red Choir, I became so overheated in my robe that I passed out onto the steps as we exited the church! Please hydrate yourselves and Do. Not. Lock. Your. Knees. 

I played the gold and red kings, as well as the purple king’s page. My mother, Cris, designed and worked on every costume in the Christmas Play from the time I was in 6th grade until I graduated. Many of the costumes you wear today were designed, and some created by her by hand. My strongest recommendation for you ladies playing the kings and shepherds: speak your lines so loud it should feel like you’re shouting! Speak slowly, as if every audience member doesn’t know English. This helped me greatly—just ask Ms. Stephanie Christensen (dance teacher). 

Seniors: I know how hard you have worked to be where you are today. Savor every moment you have. Your role in this show, no matter what it may be, is crucially important. For those of you with senior solos, trust yourself. You have put in the best work you can offer, and no matter what happens, every alumna and I are so, so proud of you. Cheers, ladies, to your first, or last(!) Christmas Play! I can’t wait to see you all shine like the stars you truly are. 

Bel B. Thompson ’16

Telegram for deRosset Thompson: I want to start by saying good luck to the whole cast tonight! A special good luck to all the monks as well, that was my favorite roll to play behind being an angel of course! The main reason I am writing tonight is to my little sister, deRosset, for being an angel this year! I can’t believe it’s been four years since I was in your shoes as an angel senior year. Soak up every minute of this special Ashley Hall tradition because you will never experience anything like it again. This is one of the big firsts of the lasts of senior year! I’m so sorry I can’t be there tonight but you know I’m there cheering you on in spirit! I love you lots and good luck tonight!

Lauren Cox ’18

To my sister, Olivia Cox

It’s crazy to think that it’s been two years since I was standing in the place you are now, and I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of you. Tonight is in honor of you and how far you’ve come since your first day at Ashley Hall almost 13 years ago. Tonight, surrounded by friends and family, also serves to remind you that you only have one more semester left of high school, and to make the most of it. I’m so sad I couldn’t be here to see you shine, but smile big and take in the moment. Here’s to you on your special night! All my love!

LouLou Byars ’18

Dear sweet Christmas Play girls,

One of the many things I have learned in college is how lucky we are to have beautiful traditions like these. You will leave this place and meet so many new and exciting people who will shape your life in new and exciting ways, but not everybody gets to have a place like this where you can return and seek comfort in knowing that some great things never change. The leaves are falling here in Nashville and everyone is bundled up, but it really never quite is Christmas for me unless I’m cutting class to go to Kudu and listen to Hodie on repeat from the church balcony. Smile wide and hug your friends because these are warm-fuzzies that are one of a kind. So good luck,

To the talented, beautiful, accomplished Ashley Hall women: The seniors who have waited for their angelic moment and have endured a seemingly endless semester, The ones who have been in this play for as long as they can remember,  The youngest who finally get to join this exciting tradition, including the precious baby angels, The ones who anxiously await seeing their “male guests” that will most likely be sitting in the “boyfriend box” in the balcony, And the lucky girl who gets to don a beard and say “Drive thy sheep to the lowe.”

A note to my strings girls: Sending my love and hugs from many miles away. Be good to Ms. Dinwiddieyou are lucky to have a teacher who will laugh and cry with you through the whacky trials of high school, even if you don’t do your playing tests. And if Mrs. Muti cries, give her a big hug because it really is because she loves you that much. In Bocca Lupo.

Hannah S. Reuther ’18

Dear Joseph/Emma,

I really wish I could watch you play Joseph in the Christmas Play tonight, however, seeing as I am taking finals I am fully expecting many pictures of you dressed up as a man with a beard. Ashley Hall is such a special place where traditions are celebrated and the friends you make will carry on into wherever you go. Miss you and Ashley Hall lots, break a leg!

Catherine D. Dixon ’19

To the lucky senior speaking angel, 

Cherish this moment! This is quite literally the beginning of the end for you and it will move so quickly. In fact, I found myself just the other day thinking about the myriad rehearsals in Davies and this very church, and how I wanted so badly then to be writing that essay I had procrastinated! Oh, the time I wasted worrying and not in the moment! Think back on those rehearsals, the people surrounding you then and now, and be grateful to be part of such a wonderful family. There is literally nothing like it in the world! Now fluff your wings, get out there, deliver your lines, and whatever you do, DON’T look directly at the light because I know Bethlehem didn’t have sunglasses! 

Ally Noone ’19

To everyone participating in the Christmas Play this year,

I first want to thank you all for keeping this special tradition alive, and I hope you realize just how important your role is. I have such wonderful memories from my years in choir, and I know how important this production is in starting the Christmas season.

To the cast: Say your lines loudly and proudly as you proclaim the good news! First shepherd, whichever way you choose to inflect “Ho tudde Ho” (a source of debate- although I am partial to “Ho ,Tudde, Ho” (with emphasis on Ho) instead of “Ho Tudde, Ho” (said without emphasis)), say it with confidence and be joyful in the words you are sharing.

To the choir: Your beautiful voices are so crucial in conveying the Christmas story. Even though you have sung these words a million times, try to think about the message you are sharing. To me, the choir has always represented the voices of the angels on high. That’s an incredibly special role, and you are the glue that binds each part of the play together.

To the angels and seniors: Savor these moments. When you walk out of the church for the last time in the final recessional, I assure you there will be tears. Enjoy this time you have together and realize just how special it is that you get to do this with one another.

To the soloists: Say a little prayer, don’t forget to breathe, and just enjoy your solo. With each word, give thanks to the Lord for the gifts He has given you, and share the spirit of these beautiful words with the audience.

To Adelaide: “La Terre est libre et le ciel est ouvert” “The Earth is free and the sky is open” “L’amour unit ceux qu’enchaînait le fer” “Love unites those who followed the iron” and finally “C’est pour nous tous qu’il naît, qu’il souffre et meurt” “It is for all of us that he is born, that he suffers and dies.” Focus on this, and don’t worry about the rest. You will sing beautifully. What a privilege it is to joyfully proclaim these words.

To everyone: Whether you realize it or not, you are giving a gift to each member of the audience, to the community, and to each other. Every word you say or sing is helping to tell a beautiful story. Spread the joyfulness of the newborn Lord in everything you do, and enjoy every minute of it. I miss you all and wish I could be there to see it.

Paige Champlin ’19

To all of the stunning actors in this year’s Christmas Play, congratulations! I can’t believe it was just a year ago that I was in your shoes, decked out in the baby blue gown as Mary. It was truly a wonderful night, and it feels like just yesterday despite all the time that has passed. Even I am surprised when I admit that the Christmas Play is my favorite Ashley Hall tradition (well, top 3) because of the sheer aesthetic beauty and camaraderie it brings during my favorite time of year. Just for one night, try to let go of all of the stresses of high school and just enjoy this entirely unique experience.

To this year’s lovely Mary—I know how nerve wracking it feels to be on that stage for nearly the whole duration of the play, but I promise you everything will fall into place when the time comes. I know you’ll do the heavenly mother justice with your grace and poise. Plus, as a bonus, that baby blue makes everyone look good, so that’s one less thing to worry about! 

Everyone break a leg, and make sure to cherish this night and one another! For you seniors, time will only start to pass more and more quickly between now and graduation, so enjoy these special moments that make you think “only at Ashley Hall!” Sending you bundles of love and all the good luck in the world.

2018 Christmas Play Alumnae Telegrams

Each year, alumnae of all ages send special notes, or “telegrams,” to students performing the role they once played in The Christmas Play. As you will see, this production still holds a special place in the hearts of our alumnae. Here are the telegrams received this year. Enjoy!

Neva Johnson Herrington ’44

Dear Cast of the annual Christmas Play,
Best wishes to you in your performance! As a boarding student for five years, I graduated in 1944. I played the role of the shepherd boy Trowle for three years. I also acted in the Shakespeare Plays in 1943 with Barbara Pierce Bush in Much Ado about Nothing. I will be thinking of you.

Neltie Sanders Linker ’53

Spent seven fun years in the play. Was a jester in the crowd and the red choir for 4 years.

Marion Goodstein Goodman ’54

Dear Christmas Play Cast of 2018,
It is very hard to believe that 65 years ago I was in The Christmas Play. I was a member of the red choir and will always remember how fortunate I was to have had this wonderful experience. Best wishes to all of you and Merry Christmas.

Bobbie Gail Rothchild ’54

Break a leg! Have a grand time the evening of the 7th! It’s a beautiful experience—one you’ll always remember!

Brailsford Lacey Foster ’55

Thank you for sharing this glorious message with the gift of the Ashley Hall Christmas Play. I was blessed by being Joseph in the 1953 play. Ms. Bewley was the director and in charge. Every Christmas I remember the entire experience with joy! Peace and joy to you each with love and gratitude.

Nancy Siegling Fortiere ’58

To all you girls in the 2018 Christmas pageant:
Greetings and Best Wishes to each and every one of you. To those of you who may be new to it, it will become one of the most powerful and memorable events of your lives. I was first in The Christmas Play in the eighth grade. I felt so special to be among the towns-people in my musty costume which had been worn by so many girls before me who felt the same excitement I felt at being a part of something so beautiful, given as a gift to my community. The following year, (9th grade) I decided to spread my wings. And even realizing my singing voice was not very good, I had volume, which Mr. Fracht, the director, was eager to have in the huge concert hall of Memminger Auditorium. I was in! I was actually in the coveted Red Choir! It was wonderful. In fact, I was in the Red Choir the following year too. I loved it. But the following year, 11th grade, I wanted to try something else. There was so much available, considering all the backstage jobs with make-up, costumes, listening to lines, soothing jitters…It suddenly seemed to have endless choices to help pull this much anticipated pageant together. And every job was equally important to have a success. There were tryouts for the Shepherds and Kings. I hadn’t done that. So I showed up, and low-and-behold, I found myself a Shepherd with an itchy brown beard. What fun that was, being part of the miracle in the manger. How humbling and precious that was. In fact, I liked being a Shepherd so much, I tried out again my senior year. I was chosen for a different Shepherd, still with an itchy brown beard. I had gone from town-folks to Red Choir to Shepherd. I thought if I only had a few more years at Ashley Hall, perhaps I would be a King. Or Mary. Or an Angel. But what I had been given those five Christmas seasons was more than enough. And what I want you young ladies to understand is that whether a town-folk, a part of the Red Choir, an Angel, a Shepherd, a King, Mary, or backstage, you are important. You are the play. And you, like I, will remember it and feel its beauty all of your lives. Because it is special; it is so very beautiful and special. And when you reach 78, as I am, of all your memories at Ashley Hall, you will recognize this play as one of the best.

Pluma Chucknow Bridgers ’59

To the First Shepherd,
The beard itches and the cussword horn won’t blow. Next year be an angel! Have fun. Best wishes.
From Twice 1st Shepherd

“Duchess” Fitch Crowley ’61

I was an angel in The Christmas Play in 1959 and I still remember being chosen for this part as one of the important memories of my life. Best wishes!

Ann Bell Smith ’63

Greetings and best wishes to all participants in The Christmas Play this year, especially to Trowel (not even sure that’s how you spell it)! I was in the Red Choir every year until my senior year, 1963, when I was cast as Trowel. “Break a leg!”

Marcia Pollock Ragsdale ’66

Best of luck to all the cast. I have the most wonderful memories of being in the play from jester to angel to many years of singing in the Red Choir. Such a great tradition to be shared with the Charleston community. The perfect way to spread the true Christmas spirit and meaning.

Betsy Haywood ’71

I want to wish best of luck to The Christmas Play O’ Holy Night soloist! It is my all-time favorite solo—also the most difficult. I performed it as a 15 year old in 1969 and remember the entire experience like yesterday. I know you will do a beautiful job. Look at that high as a mountain to climb and you will do great! With best regards!

Missy Craver Schenck ’71

Best to all in the play, especially to Oh Holy Night soloist from a 1970 Soloist. Break a leg!

Francie Reeves Morrison ’71

Greetings from Cincinnati! Like most Ashley Hall alums, I have such fond memories of The Christmas Play. Being a Jester was so fun and I remember hopping down the aisle and bonking my father on the head with my bells! In Upper School, I sang solos in the Red Choir and it was so exciting to look out onto the audience when the curtain rose. We used to put red dots in the corner of our eyes to make them bigger. Do you still do that? We always looked forward to the telegrams that were read before the performance and I hope you do, too. Have a special time and enjoy!

Mary LeMacks Scarborough ’77

Greeting, I am so happy for each and every one of you for being in this beautiful play. I was the Green Angel my freshman year and the Red Lady my senior year. And I loved seeing my daughter Elizabeth Scarborough sing a solo her Senior year especially since I could not carry a tune no matter how hard I tried! Break a leg and blessings!

Weezie Small Griffen ’78

To everyone in the 2018 Christmas Play
Dr. Weston reminded us that this will be the 95th annual Christmas Play! What a tradition! Thanks to all for making it come true. This year also has special memories for me: 95 years means my mother was probably in the play; my sister and I were the next generation cast members and this year, my daughter is the 3rd generation in the play which is very special to me. I also remember my good friend Madge Hallett singing O’ Holy Night in the play and I look forward to Ally’s performance tonight! Break a leg, girls.

Madge McCrady Hallett ’78

Soloist O’ Holy Night and Hush Thee Child
Silent Night? Not tonight! Angels we have heard on high—
Have nothing on Gray Griffen on this night!
Gloria in Excelsis Deo—Let’s join the harps and violins—
Lookout y’all—
Ella Gray is playin’!
So hush thee girls and enjoy your parts,
You’re gonna miss these days with all your hearts!
Breaketh legs, strings and vocal chords!

Therese Trouche Smythe ’78

To the Pages: Break a leg. Things were a little different in my day; we actually had the play at the Gaillard Auditorium and the pages opened the curtain for the congregation who entered the stage that way. We were the first people on stage and it was terrifying! I love the way you do it today in a church. Have fun and remember that there is a future for you in the play in high school! To the third Shepherd: Please do not break a leg since you’re already pretty feeble! Sir in faith now I come for I have not done all that I have to do! I wonder if you are wearing the same costume from 1976? Good luck on a wonderful Christmas Play and thank you all for your gift to the city.

Maura Hogan ’82

Best wishes from a former Trowle! My time performing The Christmas Play remains a cherished memory—even though the seniors pulled a prank and put a note in the manger! Take a moment and take it all in—the music, the pageantry, the friendship. It will resonate for years to come.

Rhett Ramsay Outten ’82

Thank you all for carrying on this wonderful tradition of The Christmas Play at Ashley Hall! Stand tall and regal all of you Kings! Ho Tuddy!…get those sheep to the low!…angels put on a heavenly smile…Especially you two dressed in blue…Caroline and Lawson Walters! Enjoy this moment, it will define Christmas for you as grow old! PQV!

Martha Thornhill Walters ’82

Ashley Hall is a school where tradition runs deep, and none are deeper than the Annual Christmas Play. I remember like it was yesterday being in the Green Room at Galliard Auditorium and someone reading out the letters from alumnae who had participated in years gone past. It is unbelievable to me that I am now writing a letter to my girls and their friends who although it seems like they have just started their Ashley Hall adventure, are actually seniors getting ready to embark on an entirely new adventure. Time really does fly by girls, try to slow down these last few months at school and just enjoy the time you have at Ashley Hall. You might not think so now, but you are going to miss these days.

Caroline and Lawson, you are angels to me all the time. And even though you chose to be blue angels like Parker, and not the yellow angel like your ole mom, I know that you will be absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of the girls y’all are. And a special good luck to whoever is the yellow angel! To the other angels that I know and love…Olivia, Pearce, Celia, Lucy, Virginia, y’all are awesome and I know you’re going to rock the wings! And Riley Turner, I have no doubt that you will be a stellar monk. Good luck to everyone tonight, have fun.

Ashley Hall is an incredibly special place and as you get older, the memories become even more special. Even today, my Ashley Hall friends and I know every word to The Christmas Play or have been known to burst into singing the Ashley Hall song at a party. Ashley Hall and traditions like The Christmas Play stay with you forever. Seniors, take a minute to look around, these girls that surround you are your family. No, you may not be best friends with them all, but you have a bond that will never be broken. Have fun tonight girls and treasure the time you have left together!

Walker Maybank Buxton ’85

I’m wishing each Senior a memorable experience as The Christmas Play is very meaningful. To Pearce, there is nothing more special than a red headed angel!

Anne Marks Jones ’86

To the little angels, I was one of you in 1974. You have a very special part in the play and everyone will love seeing you. I still remember walking with my hands folded and following the mother angel. Enjoy this night and remember it forever. To the congregation, we used to participate in the congregation starting in the 7th grade and I was a proud member of the congregation for 5 years! We had very heavy, musty costumes that made us feel like we were truly in medieval times. It seems like we attended practices for weeks and by the time we performed the play, we knew every part in the play by heart. The Christmas Play was an incredible bonding experience for us and you will always cherish the memories of this night.

To the Red Choir, sadly, I was not in the Red Choir (I tried out but did not make the cut.) You are one of my favorite parts of the whole Christmas Play. I still remember my friends singing in the Red Choir and especially our friend, Dana Smith, who sang O’ Holy Night. Long after tonight, we will remember your beautiful voices, too.

To the Angels, especially my angel, Virginia I remember my senior year at Ashley Hall and dressing in the colorful, flowing angel costumes with so many of my classmates. We couldn’t believe our time had come to take part in the tradition of the Ashley Hall Christmas play as seniors. It will be inspiring and emotional to see you all tonight. I’m so proud of you and thankful that you are part of this Ashley Hall community. I hope you will return to see future generations participate in this play and maybe one day, like me, you will attend with your Ashley Hall friends and watch your daughter and goddaughter (Ellie Barham), play their parts in carrying on the tradition of the Ashley Hall Christmas Play. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

Margie Davis Barham ’86

mother of Ellie ’22 & Sarah Barham ’24
CONGRATULATIONS on being the cast of Ashley Hall’s 95th annual Christmas Play! Whether it’s your first or last year of being part of this special tradition, I hope you will enjoy every minute of tonight! You’ve done all the work—now sit back and enjoy the tradition, story, costumes, songs, music and memories. Anyone who has been in the play realizes it becomes a part of you and it’s my favorite way to really embrace the Christmas season. Alumnae, like myself, will always remember the years we were in the play but tonight is your night and we want to say THANK YOU for keeping this tradition, for all of your hard work and for making tonight a special gift to all who attend. We, as alumnae, hope you’ll share in the special memories and for you Seniors—take it all in. It’s a gift to all who attend but evermore so for those who participate in it. A special shout out for my girl, Ginia, on being an angel this year—just like your mama and Godmother were when we were seniors. You may be nervous but please remember to have fun. I, personally, was a page, a jester, a long-time congregation member and finally, Mary my senior year. There are no unimportant parts. Every part comes together to makes this the beautiful event that it is and we, alumnae, thank you for carrying the torch onward. A special congratulations to ALL Seniors as you will always remember your friends’ parts and solos and this moment now when you return to this special night for years to come. Another special congratulations to Ellie Barham for carrying on the Page tradition in our family and to her friends who are participating in this year’s production. To whomever has the O’ Holy Night solo—I already thank you. That along with the little angel’s entrance are my favorite moments of the evening. I look forward to the ringing of the bells. Go get ’em girls!

Kate Andrews Bovey ’89

Holiday greetings from Seattle, Washington. I spent 2.5 of my best school years at Ashley Hall while my dad was stationed in Charleston with the Navy. I was in the choir directed by Sam Shephard, and we performed in The Christmas Play. I can still hear us singing Magnficat. It is a magical night and you will have memories of this beautiful evening forever. Best of luck and have fun!

Melissa Moïse McLeod ’89

Dear Christmas Play Participants,
When I was a senior, I so desperately wanted to be the lead angel because I’d been a little angel in first grade and thought it would be a neat “full-circle” moment. However, it was not meant to be. Another girl got the part, and I was given the role of a regular angel. In spite of my disappointment, I felt so beautiful and special on the day of the play and learned that I did not have to be the lead to enjoy every minute. My best friends were shepherds with skin stained brown, congregation members with funny hats, fellow angels in pastel gowns, and even lovely Mary. We have such great memories of being together, and our individual roles really didn’t matter in the end. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, even if you may not have gotten the part you wanted. You’re all beautiful and special and part of this wonderful Ashley Hall tradition! Merry Christmas!

Caroline Welch West ’89

As you all prepare this evening to give to this community one of the most amazing gifts of the season, I want to take a minute to thank you all for your dedication to Ashley Hall and it’s Hallmarks: creative; compassionate; intelligent; worldly; collaborative; purposeful; and discerning. All of these qualities are essential to the success that I know tonight’s performance will be. Not only an Ashley Hall Alum, the daughter of an Ashley Hall alumna, sister of two Ashley Hall alumnae, but also the parent of a current Ashley Hall student, I can tell you that you are all a part of an amazing tradition, currently selfless, but in reality as you reflect on your years at Ashley Hall in the years to come, undoubtedly a timeless gift to yourselves. The memories you will take with you from dedication to this tradition will “pop-up” in your hearts and minds not only at Christmas, but also at unexpected moments throughout your lives. Thank you all for this gift which I know I will once again cherish in so many ways as I reflect on the many years in which I participated, but this year especially because of a jester and member of the chorus who calls me Mom. Isabel West, thank you for your part in this gift, as it is the single most treasured Christmas gift I will receive. You know Dad is proud and shining through you tonight! I would say “break a leg,” but knowing Isabel, that could become a reality. What I will say to each of you is let your light shine and enjoy giving this gift. PQV!

Ainsley Glenn ’92

Glory! To the 2018 Lead Angel from the 1992 Lead Angel
This marks an amazing period in your life. Your senior year is halfway over. As you raise your hands and say those magic lines, remember you will join a special club of Ashley Hall Angels. We are proud to stand with you, and as you look into the audience, you will see our smiles of encouragement. Let our light carry you forward onto graduation. As you look back over your time at Ashley Hall, let the spirit of the Ashley Hall Christmas Play stay with you and serve as a reminder of your Ashley Hall family. They will always be a steady beacon of light now and in the future.

Elizabeth Welch McMahon ’00

I held many different roles in The Christmas Play throughout my 13 years at Ashley Hall. When I wasn’t participating in the choir, I was the “littlest angel” in 1st grade, what fun I had as a Jester in 7th grade and I will never forget hobbling down the aisle with a staff in my speaking role of Tudde the oldest Shepard my senior year. To my niece, Isabel—You did amazing in your first Ashley Hall Christmas Play in your role as the “littlest angel!” This year you are a Jester…This was Aunt Liz’s favorite part to play! As you jingle down the aisle making everyone smile- remember to have FUN tonight! Good luck to everyone as you make final preparations for the big performance that you have rehearsed for so much over the past few weeks—I can’t wait to see the final product!

Caroline Kornya Hebert ’01

Break a leg girls! I ALWAYS loved this play. I was a King 2 years in a row in high school and a jester in middle school. I’m sure the play continues to be spectacular!

Annie Hutson McEwen ’05

Dear Speaking Angel,
What an honor! You have such a great part in the play. Congratulations! I was the Speaking Angel in December of 2004 and wish you the best of luck! You play such an import role and the little angels really look up to you! I know you will shine in this year’s play! Break a leg!

Torrey Crawford Knapp ’06

The Ashley Hall Christmas Play is one of the greatest traditions of all time! I loved being in the play year after year from a jester to singing in the Red Choir to a (purple!) senior angel. So many memories of Sam Sheffer conducting the beautiful music of the Red Choir—my absolute favorite part. There is truly nothing like it to better welcome the holiday season. I am sure Barbara Bush ’43 is looking down on the entire cast this year cheering you on too—best wishes cast of 2018!

Madeline Spratt Weitz ’06

My name is Madeline, and I am Rebecca Spratt’s oldest sister. I graduated in 2006. During my time at Ashley Hall, I was in many productions, but The Christmas Play was the most special. I was in the congregation, a jester, and a monk. Tonight, you will join the many alumnae who have come before you and become part of one of Ashley Hall’s wonderful traditions. 

Look around you—the girls you are surrounded by are smart, talented, strong, independent, and fearless. Each one of you is so special—enjoy this experience and time together! I promise you won’t forget it. I know that you will do a wonderful job and make this year’s Christmas Play the best one yet! Best wishes, and break a leg! Sending extra love to the tallest angel! Love you, Rebecca! With lots of love!

Rossi Anastopoulo ’13

Hello to all the jesters! Don’t let anyone fool you—this is low key the best part in the whole play. Be silly, be cheerful, be funny. Jangle those bells. And make sure to take plenty of pictures in you costumes because trust me those are pure gold later in life.

Parker Walters ’17

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I was a blue angel and in your place. As long as two years may seem, it goes by so fast. The Christmas Play is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, what color angel you were, who you walked in with, and who the mother angel was. Caroline and Lawson, I’m so proud of all that y’all have done (especially choosing to be blue angels like me over yellow like mom), y’all are so smart and beautiful and going to go so far in whatever you choose to do. Olivia, Pearce, Lucy, Celia, Virginia and everyone else, I’m sure y’all look amazing and will look like shinning lights walking through the church. Ashley Hall really is a special place, I know you’re rolling your eyes right now because I did the same thing too; but looking back I truly cherish the moments I spent there with the girls I know and love. Everyone in the room right now is connected to you in a special way and you’ll look back on these past years and smile when thinking of them. Have the best time tonight and make this last year count.   

Whitney Marshall ’18

Hi friends! Firstly I’d like to wish the entire cast good luck and that I hope you enjoy this night to the fullest. I hope all the angels feel beautiful as ever and I hope you can cherish this special time with your classmates. The Christmas Play my senior year was one of my most sentimental memories from Ashley Hall and I hope it can be for all of you as well. I’d like to wish all the shepherds the best of luck. I know the shepherds aren’t the most glamorous characters, but you all help carry on this beautiful tradition and your roles are just as special and needed. Lastly, to Tudde I hope you can love this role as much as I did. After playing Tudde for three years, I feel as though a part of Tudde will always be within me and I hope the same thing happens to you. I hope everyone feels immense joy tonight as you carry on this tradition. I love you all! PQV!

Eliot Hall ’18

Dear Strings Girls, First of all, I miss you all dearly and am so incredibly proud of all you. I hope you all remember to enjoy this festive time of year at Ashley Hall with your strings family, even though it may be hard with all those good ole playing test and terribly uncomfortable black concert dresses. You will remember The Christmas Play for the rest of your life, and because you’re in strings some of those memories might be a bit odd. For example I have a vivid image of LouLou and Ann dramatically lip syncing the words to every choir song because they did that every. Single. Year. Or the rehearsals when you ask yourselves, “why am I here?” Or every time someone fell down the stairs because they tripped on their dress. I will never forget in the fifth grade (I think it was fifth grade) we played in The Christmas Play for the first time and I got in so much trouble because me, Ann, Meaghan, LouLou, and Anna Faliero were playing with my sequin covered shoes, but Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Schweers thought it was my phone. I still don’t think they would believe me to this day, but I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t believe me either. Remember to love each other and relish in the little moments that you have with the people around you. Whether you like it or not, this strings group is your family. Even when you’ve moved on from Ashley Hall you will always still have each other. It still comforts me to know that I can come crash a strings class, take a nap on the couch, steal a mint, and leave terrible art on the board, whenever I need to. Good Luck Ladies!

Sophie Evans ’18

Hi everyone! I cannot believe it’s already time for The Christmas Play! For me, it is one of the best traditions of Ashley Hall. You enter the church, filled with family and friends, and the rush of it all just hits you. My final year being in The Christmas Play was the most special to me, looking out for the last time in that wonderful place performing something so spectacular with some of the best people I will ever know. This is my first year in college and I am super upset I cannot be there to support. Even though I won’t be there, I still want to wish you all the best tonight! To all the actors, capture the audience’s attention in those fantastic costumes and makeup. To all the string players, fill the church with your magical music. Lastly, to the choir, sing your hearts out. I miss you all dearly, but I know you all are prepared for this. Shoutout to the Silent Night soloist, I know you are going to do amazingly. All you have to do is do better than me last year, which is gonna be easy. You are the final singer to the ending of The Christmas Play, and I hope that, if you have a chance, look to your choir before going up those stairs. It will be the last time you do the Play with them. The fact that I am no longer with some of the best people I know anymore makes me so sad, but, I am forever grateful for the time I spent with you all. So, everyone, break a leg! You all will do great job just like every year.

Erin Marsland ’18

Trowle’s boy you are a rockstar! Just make sure you’ve dirtied your face enough and you’re guaranteed to never forget a line
Joseph, the itchiness of the beard is temporary, you’re going to do great! And to all the angels, congratulations you’ve made it. The night of The Christmas Play for myself last year marked the start of the end. I remember being there, surrounded by friends, all the angels huddled together listening to the messages and it was the first time many of us had this realization. I’m sure you will be ethereal tonight and I hope that you all remember to recognize, appreciate, as well as celebrate all of the “lasts” you’ll be experiencing this year. Best wishes to everybody!

Ann Sheridan ’18

It makes me sad to think that this is my first year not being in The Christmas Play! However, being able to write a telegram is new experience and I hope it can be read. Standing in my enveloping white dress in the crowded parish hall of First Scotts Church in 2006, I felt extremely shy under the yards of cotton fabric. Milling about excitedly was the cast of my first Christmas Play. There were groups of girls with beards dressed in rags, jesters with bells that rang with every movement, kings that stood tall in their imperial costumes, and honored seniors as angels. Yet, there I was, a small first grader looking up at all of these big girls. I wondered if I was capable of performing my little part comparable with all of their big roles. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash. The Mother Angel hovering by, swept her hands back to protect me and the other little angels from the shattered candlestick light bulb that had just exploded onto the floor. In a quick moment, I knew that I could trust this Ashley Hall senior. To this day, I still think back to her as a role model who inspired me to carry on participating in The Christmas Play and eventually be the Mother Angel. Because of my experience, I know that Candice will lead all you little angels with enthusiasm and kindness. Originally as a little angel, The Christmas Play meant to me then that I had to walk down an aisle, kneel over a cradle, and follow behind my Mother Angel off stage as directed. While, in the 5th grade, it meant that I had to play everything perfectly in tune because I was accompanying the choir with my strings class. Being a part of the first strings group to accompany the choir in The Christmas Play encouraged me to work harder so that I could play more pieces in the repertoire. It was a privilege to be a part of the original strings accompaniment that has evolved over the last seven years. I feel as though, with the strings, the music of The Christmas Play has gained more attention and appreciation. It means a great deal to me that the strings now plays a vital role in the musical components of the traditional play. So to all of my strings friends out there, I hope you have been mouthing (but mostly singing out loud) every word to the choir songs and been saying the actors lines with them from the balcony. So many memories and inside jokes have been made from the strings corner in the balcony. To name one, you may have seen the video, of Meaghan singing along to the choir and not noticing that I was licking her elbow. Good times. Oh but how could I ever forget Christmas Day in the Morning. I honestly don’t know what else to say about that song except that every time I played it there were different fingerings and never the same bowing. I’m sure Ms. Dinwiddie is not shocked. Lol. Love you Dinwizard. And I love all you strings homies. Looking back on my nine years of involvement with The Christmas Play, it represents a tradition that I have helped to further its continuation. Being a part of a school wide event, which people from all over Charleston come to see, brought me pride to participate in such an ongoing community experience. Even though over the years, the songs have been changed, (except Christmas Day in the Morning) the costumes have been altered, and the choreography has been tweaked, the school wide inclusion has stayed the same. And on that note, the last thing I will write to you all is that every single person in this room is important. Even if you don’t say a word or you only sing the songs, or you say “ho harvey ho”, everyone’s part adds up to the whole that makes this play possible. Perform your part to the best of your ability, it’s okay to make small mistakes, I don’t doubt that I made one every year, and enjoy it in the moment, that’s the most important thing.

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