Downtown flooding couldn’t dim the spotlight on Senior Project presentations this past Monday. Presented in morning and afternoon rotations in locations spread throughout campus, these nine girls confidently and concisely presented a year’s worth of research in 30 minute time frames offering audience members an in-depth look at the student’s topic of choice. It was their time to shine and shine they did!

Completely student-directed with one-on-one faculty mentoring and ongoing support, Senior Project is a synthesis of intense year-long research, critical thinking, and community outreach allowing students to delve deeper into a specific topic of interest. The participants are selected through a competitive application process the prior spring and the girls begin researching their proposed topic over the summer months. This research then fuels their work over the course of the school year as projects evolve.

The Senior Project program is one more way, Ashley Hall seeks to provide each girl with a head start on the hard work of preparing her for the college experience and the journey beyond.

PQV to this year’s participants:
Carter Bitter | Sex Trafficking in the United States  
Elise Coleman | African American Masculinity: The Process of Change
Erin Goedecke | Sports Injuries in Adolescents and How to Prevent Them
Anna Hildebrand | Malnutrition: More Than a Third World Pandemic
Lauren Marshall | How Do We React To Trauma 
Emily Ockerman | Getting to the Root of the Problem: The Way America Grows Crops and How it Harms it’s Environment, People, and Culture
Elizabeth Puckette |  Charleston: Beyond the Brochure
Zoe Watson | Diverse Representation in the Media
Sophia Yao | Cyber Security