Lower School students journeyed among the stars this week, all from the comfort of the LoDome! With the help of the StarLab (an inflatable, portable planetarium), Lower School faculty member Beth McCarty used an interdisciplinary approach to introduce girls to science and humanity concepts, including light pollution, star formation, and the myths behind constellations.

“I was so happy we could visit the StarLab this year,” said McCarty. “This felt like a field trip to space with plenty of smiles and excitement. We do a brief discussion about stars, constellations, and our star—the sun! Then we crawl into outer space, and I point out common constellations, tell some myths that go along with the stories, and of course name the zodiac constellations. The students beg me to tell them more about Greek mythology. They get lost in the drama of these magical stories!”

As the Lower School Science Lab’s dedicated instructor, McCarty brings hands-on science to all students during her amazing weekly classes, which always feature an exciting experiment, a new STEAM project, and sometimes even an animal dissection! Each session opens a new adventure for students. “After the students see the constellations in the StarLab, they are able to look at our night sky and point them out to their own families,” enthused McCarty. In Pardue Hall, girls are always at the center of the action; there simply is no better way to cultivate a love of science from an early age.