Lower School students are enjoying the newly reopened School Store near the sport court! In business Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during recess from 11:30am until 12:00pm, the store gives every fourth grader a turn to be part of the sales force and wear a purple apron. Fun, school-related accessories for sale include erasers, pencils, gel pens, journals, and pencil cases. There is also a special Ashley Hall section.

“I love the excitement of the girls—the joy of picking out special little things and the independence of the sales associates helping with choices, taking money, and making change,” says Camp Ashley Hall and Extended Day Director Dee Dee Smith. “Just the mere fact that it’s during recess and the students running the store that day are volunteering their recess to serve their peers speaks for itself. I’m thrilled that our mission of nurturing independent young women has one more venue.” The School Store will be open until the end of the school year, so stop by!