Ashley Hall welcomes Christian Alcantara to the Panther Athletic Program. Coach Alcantara joins our team from the Dripping Springs, Texas Independent School District where he taught physical education. He also held the position of College Director and Elite Clubs National Coach for the Rebel Soccer Club in Chula Vista, California. At Ashley Hall, Coach Alcantara will serve as Assistant Athletic Director and will also oversee the Panther Soccer Program. You will also find him teaching physical education.

On the addition of Coach Alcantara to the Panther Program, Athletic Director Franny Slay ’81 said, “We’re thrilled to have a fresh perspective on our staff and believe Christian brings a terrific set of skills and experience to our program. We look forward to seeing him bring out the best in our girls.” 

We recently sat down with Coach “A” and asked him a few questions so that we might get to know him.    

What excites you most about your position at Ashley Hall?
First and foremost, Ashley Hall is an outstanding institution full of history and tradition. In my role, I will have the opportunity to continue my passion for athletics and physical education and look forward to adding to the amazing reputation. Lastly, it’s so exciting to feel the passion and pride on campus for Ashley Hall, it really is the perfect team environment. 

What makes a student athlete special in your mind?
Every student athlete faces adversity in some way or another and what makes them special is the journey they take to overcome it.  Mental toughness, grit, and resilience are strong passions of mine, so it’s really special to see student athletes overcome their obstacles.

Who is your favorite female athlete and why?
I am a big fan of Abby Wambach.  In my opinion, she was a key part in the United States Women’s National Soccer Team’s rise to the top and the love for the women’s game here in the US.  Her ability to step up in the biggest moments was unbelievable to watch.  But it was her ability to lead that really caught my attention.  



In addition to Coach Alcantara, Ashley Hall is pleased to announce the following new members to its coaching staff:

Varsity Tennis | Charlotte Hartsock
Junior Varsity Tennis | Ashley Timbes and Caroline Parnell
Swimming | Carley Nitchie

Team leadership continues under the guidance of the following coaches:

Golf | Terese Dynjan
Cross Country | Morgan Lee ’16
Sailing | Kate O’Donnell
Equestrian | Cyndi Simpson
Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball | Franny Slay ’81

Thank you to our dedicated Bantam Team coaches:

7th & 8th Grade Volleyball (Purple) |  Donya Amer
7th & 8th Grade Volleyball (White) | Lyric Scott
6th Grade Volleyball | Sarah Eckert
5th Grade Volleyball | Merrit Davis ’22

Let’s go Panthers!