Ashley Hall is pleased to announce the addition of its new school-based Health Center led by Director of Ashley Hall Health Services —and alumna!—Tiffin Dowling Lamoreaux ’01. “Think of it as Ashley Hall’s Urgent Care Center,” says Tiffin. Research shows that more students return to class after visiting a school-provided nurse practitioner versus a school nurse. There are many medical conditions that may have previously required a parent to take their child to their primary care provider that can now be managed on campus thus allowing the child to remain at school. Tiffin will work closely with primary care providers to ensure that there is continuity of care. “With a focus on preventive care and health maintenance, the goal is to keep our students healthy, so they can thrive in class.” The benefits of a school-based health center also extend to faculty and staff. By providing routine and preventative health maintenance as well as acute care, Tiffin can reduce faculty and staff related health-related absences and see lower out-of-pocket medical costs. It’s a winning proposition campus wide.