Ashley Hall is pleased to announce the launch of a global awareness program that teaches its students global citizenship with an emphasis on United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals related to water conservation and preservation. The launch of the School’s “A Year of Water” campaign coincides with the UN’s 76th Session of the General Assembly, established by the UN to encourage action, awareness, and accountability for the goals. 

One of the signature components of this effort is the Take Action Globally program (TAG), a commitment from the School’s leadership to cultivate globally minded citizens who seek to work within and among communities to support healthy, sustainable practices.

On this new initiative, Head of School Jill Muti said “At Ashley Hall, when we look at the context of global citizenship, we see the interconnectedness of, ‘her world, our world, and the world.’ The UN Sustainable Development Goals offers our program a powerful framework in which to realize this important work.”

With heightened attention to global water challenges, and with the school’s campus being located in a flood-prone area, Ashley Hall educators will pay special attention to water-related goals: clean water and sanitation (goal six); and life below water (goal 14). Students will gain an appreciation for how waterways are impacted by over development and climate change. The TAG program will consist of classroom instruction, hands-on activities and opportunities to engage with visiting speakers.

“Ashley Hall’s global education program, Take Action Globally, is designed to support each student’s growing awareness of the wider world, the interconnectedness of diverse societies, and the student’s role as a global citizen in leading and participating in community-based solutions to current community challenges, “ said Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Carolyn Newton.

Ashley Hall students will continue the Take Actions Globally program through the 2021-2022 academic year with the hope of using future school years as an opportunity to explore more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.