Senior Project at Ashley Hall is one of the school’s most distinguished programs. This student-directed, year-long class is a synthesis of intense research, critical thinking, and targeted community outreach allowing students to delve deeper into a specific topic of interest. Selected through a competitive application process the prior spring, Senior Project girls begin researching their proposed topic over the summer months. This research then fuels their work over the course of the school year as the projects evolve. During April of the following year, the girls present their Senior Project research findings to the Upper School student body along with distinguished guests.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of current Senior Project topics. We plan to follow the girls’ work throughout the year via social media and various school communications pieces so stay tuned to learn more.

Carter Bitter: Human Trafficking

Elise Coleman: The Long-Term Effects of Slavery

Erin Goedecke: Preventing Sports Injuries for Adolescent Girls

Anna Hildebrand: Sustainable Technology

Lauren Marshall: Mind-Body Connection in Trauma Recovery

Emily Ockerman: Meat Consumption in the US

Elizabeth Puckette: History of Charleston

Sophia Yao: Cyber Security

Zoe Watson: Diversity in Literature