The stage is literally being set for Ashley Hall’s beautiful commencement ceremony scheduled for this Sunday, May 28. Steeped in beauty and tradition, the Class of 2017 will take their place as the newest members of the Ashley Hall sisterhood. Click on the button below to view the list of this year’s college acceptances.

Last Friday marked the beginning of a new Ashley Hall tradition called “The Senior Spiral Walk.” The Class of 2017 met Head of School, Jill Muti, at the Shell House where she bestowed upon them a small delicate conch shell to forever remind them of their educational journey at Ashley Hall. Each girl then went to the division where she first began at the school. Mrs. Muti and those seniors who began in EEC initiated the walk, stopping through each division to gather their classmates along the way. Each division sang a special song to honor the girls as they passed through. Then, as the entire class entered Davies Auditorium, Upper School underclassmen greeted them with the song Oh Ashley Hall. It was a beautiful way to recognize the journey of our soon-to-be graduates and to honor them at their final assembly.

Class of 2017 College Acceptances