Small group sessions, Virtual Math Lab hours, digital assessment comments, and more: These are just a few ways that Upper School faculty members have continued individualized learning in their math classes. For students adapting to distance learning, these options have been invaluable. “The meetings really help, and I feel confident that she’s right there to guide us and not just give us this work to do without help,” said Lavinia Maybank ’24, who along with Cami Wyant ’24 drops by faculty member Crystal Wilkins’ open office hours via Zoom a couple times a week to review assignments and make sure she is on the right track. For her part, Wilkins looks forward to the time she spends connecting with her students. “I have a digital whiteboard, and I can write on top of their digital assignments and explain what they don’t understand,” she noted. “It’s like being in the classroom together.”

Faculty members Nichole Carey and Meghan Osborne can attest to the benefits of one-on-one and small group online sessions, especially those that are available to students who like to quickly connect when a question comes up. “I offer Virtual Math Lab with no appointment necessary each day from 11 until 1,” said Carey. “I also use Educreations to record myself as I grade and offer comments that help guide students to potential corrections. I encourage them to grade their own physical paper along with me, using my signature check marks, circles, and smiley faces!” For AP Calculus students, who are reviewing and taking timed practice tests in preparation for the AP exam, faculty member Dave Czernecki sends detailed responses each week that work through the problems and address student questions, just as he would in the classroom. That shared commitment among faculty members to providing the same personal attention regardless of the mode of delivery is very meaningful to students. “My bonds with my teachers have gotten closer,” smiled Wyant. “We can talk about things outside of school and know that they will support us and give us advice.”