Ashley Hall Class Notes

Sally Thrower Plair ’49 writes that she is still “kicking” and although her husband Jim has “changed worlds”, she is keeping busy as a volunteer playing piano in a hospital and enjoying her stay at Brevard, NC in a retirement home.

Sarah (Sally) M. Hubbard ‘61 has a big year ahead. She plans to revisit the school for HIV orphans that she fundraised for in Uganda in June. And she plans to hike to Santiago Spain in September. Carpe Diem!

(Kay) Katherine Newsom Williams ‘62 and her husband Ray spent the month of May 2016 in Paris where they rented an apartment and loved it. She fills her weeks with tap dance class on Wednesdays and Mondays at the Greenville Humane Society where she walks the dogs.

Stanley Smith Reahard ’64 and her husband Bo are enjoying splitting their time between South Carolina in the winter and Leland, Michigan in the summer, plus random trips around this great country in their motor coach. Life is grand!

Elaine Berol Taylor ‘66 has a new granddaughter born January 23, 2016 named Gemma after her mom and is expecting another grandchild in October. Her son David and family moved to Tampa so she sees them more often. She judged an orchid show in Guatemala and is off to Kenya and Tanzania for their annual trip. Lastly they adopted 2 more darling little dogs which makes 6 total. Plus, they still raise little miniature horses which are the cutest!

Grace Wilson Phillips ’66 reports that she had a great time last year at her 50th reunion connecting with “girls” that she hasn’t seen in 50 years! She is returning with Jan Roper Elliott ‘67 this spring to celebrate her 50th! Grace and her husband continue to travel and plan to go to Alaska this year to celebrate their 49th anniversary. They also stay busy visiting their 3 daughters, husbands and wonderful grandchildren!

Ellen Hanckel ’67 enjoyed her 50th reunion very much. She hopes to keep in touch in the future. She and husband Scott Derks are enjoying retirement in Saluda NC. He still writes books and Ellen continues to be involved in global mission work, particularly for reconciliation in South Sudan where she taught at an Episcopal seminar for several years.

Christy Holliday Douglas ’72 has 3 grandchildren – 2 boys and 1 girl. They are gifts from God for her. She and her husband just returned from Cuba, where she said it was like being in the 50’s. She wished Mrs. Morgan could have been there! She is looking forward to reunion this year.

Ann Bacot Igoe Daughtridge ’80 reports that her son, MacGregor McGehee will graduate this year from St. Andrews University in Scotland with honors. Her daughter, Elizabeth McGehee is in her junior year at the American University of Paris and spent the month of December in India helping under-privileged women. Ann Bacot will celebrate her 25th year in real estate with William Means.

Jeanne Welch Selander ‘88 rode out Hurricane Irma in a Florida jail with rescue animals in Key West Florida. She and her animal rescue have become a media darling! You can read the full article here.

Kendall Robertson Fleming ’03 had a son, James Claron Fleming on May 27, 2016. They are calling him “Dutch”.

Marianne Moseley ’04 recently moved back to Charleston from Charlotte where she was working as a professional civil engineer doing land development for the past nine years. She is now working here with Hussey Gay Bell as Senior Civil Engineer continuing to do land development. Welcome home Marianne!

Kathryn McCain Pearce ’10 got married to Harry Frederick Graham Menzies on September 2, 2017.

Ellinor Walters ‘13 is an Associate Editor of Sailing World magazine and was mentioned in the September/October 2017 issue. This inspiring article was about women entering this male-dominated sport and offered tips for success. Click here to read the full article. Ellinor and Ashley Hall got a plug at the end of the article because our motto “girls who have the will, have the ability” is so inspiring to female sailors! 

Alumnae Deaths

Elizabeth S. Williams ’34
Mary Mahony Smith ’37
Rosemary Cody Edwards ’38
Betty Oates Gage ‘40
Lucy Paul Jones ’42
Janie Lewis Nelson
Pam MacBride Colgate ’48
Betty Jacobs Buxton ’49
Sara Miller Boyd ’50
Joan Brown Weinstein ’51
Ann Prosswimmer Pratt ’51
Elizabeth Mitchell Neil ’51
Judy Steidinger Hamre ’53
Helen Brown White ’54
Llewellyn Hood Kassebaum ’54
Myra Krawcheck Read ’54
Susan Walker Williams ’55
Anne Mackey Norrell ’62
Toni Paul Jackson ’64
Margie Mims Branan ’65

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