The physical world is filled with beauty, and last spring, students in Upper School faculty member Lillian Apple’s Physics class were asked to take a photograph that incorporated a physics concept and then write an essay on the phenomenon displayed within the image. As part of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) National Physics Photo Contest, ten Ashley Hall finalists were selected for submission to the national level, and “Making Waves,” a surfing photograph by Annika Kernen ’20, was honored as a top 100 selection.

“I have been surfing for quite a few years now and love to go out on weekends during my free time, and when we were given this project, I thought surfing would be something good to photograph,” Kernen noted. “I never knew that physics and art could be combined, but through this assignment, I realized that physics could be found just about anywhere, and I never knew how much physics could be applied the ocean and the waves. Mrs. Apple is such an amazing teacher and was always really fun and helpful in as well as outside of class.” To view Kernen’s winning photograph among this year’s top 100 honorees, click here.