As an Ashley Hall Pre-Kindergarten student, Eads Hubbell ’23 had no idea she’d one day be Student Body President but she knew she wanted to be. “I’ve always looked up to the people who did it before me,” Hubbell says. In seventh grade, it was LouLou Byars ’18. Last year, it was Michelle Lam ’22. “I honestly didn’t know if I’d end up running then, but I always knew it was something I wanted.”

Fast forward over a decade to April 2022, and it was a phone call from a familiar voice that would make Hubbell’s dream of entering her senior year at Ashley Hall as Student Body President a reality. “There’s a tradition that when you win, the current student body president calls the newly elected one,” she says. “So Michelle was actually the one who called to tell me. Now I can text or call her for advice which is really cool.”

We sat down with Hubbell to get the scoop the responsibilities of the Ashley Hall Student Body President, her mission as a leader, and what’s to come this school year.

What are the biggest responsibilities of Ashley Hall’s Student Body President?

EH: “The required responsibilities include running morning meeting, assemblies, and running student council meetings in the mornings on Thursdays before school. A lot of it is having time that you have to fill with what you think would be exciting to the student body, or funny, or up-lifting. I feel like you can pick up as much as you want to though. You can make it a bigger job, and I feel like that’s what I’m trying to go for this year. I’m trying to hit all the marks I can within the year.”

What are those big marks you want to hit?

EH: “Well, I already got free feminine products in all the Upper School bathrooms. So that’s the first thing that I wanted for the first day of school and that’s done. Then I also have a committee for community service in the works for restocking that. Then I also had a few funny promises in my speech, like a celebrity cutout in the atrium. Students are voting on that right now. I’m trying to organize a form with like 200 responses with all their celebrity crushes.

But really, I’m trying to have one significant thing each month. Most of its fun stuff for the student body, like we’re getting a morning class off on Valentine’s Day to bring back giving Valentine’s and making boxes. But I also want to have a yoga instructor from Longevity come that I’ve been talking to to have a class on the turf. I’m also trying to move taco Wednesday to Tuesday. I guess it’s just mainly stuff for the students to get them excited.”

What kind of leader do you think you’ll be this year?

EH: “I definitely don’t have a super serious approach, but behind the scenes, I’m going to be working really hard. The Student Body President represents every grade all year, then morning meetings are 7-12 grades every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then there can be assemblies Thursday and Friday so potentially, I’m leading something every day. And even if it’s not on a stage, I will be.”