The Ashley Hall Equestrian program has been in full “gallop” this spring with two big events showcasing the team and individual rider’s talent and PQV spirit.

South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) Equestrian Championships

Under the leadership of coach Cyndi Simpson, the Ashley Hall Equestrian Team placed 6th overall at the SCISA Equestrian Championships held April 2. PQV to the following riders:

Reserve Champion in Beginner Walk Trot Canter | Elli Grek 29
Reserve Champion in Open Flat & 6th Place in Open over Fences | Stuart Rumsey 23
4th Place in Beginner Walk Trot | Isabella Smith 29
7th Place in Beginner Walk Trot Canter | Emme Miller 28
6th Place in Intermediate Over Fences & 4th Place in Intermediate Flat | Madison Bernard23
7th Place in Novice Flat & Novice Over Fences | Addie Hoffman 28

2022 Ashley Hall Horse Show

March 18-20, the annual Ashley Hall Horse Show returned to Mullet Hall Equestrian Center for a beautiful, but chilly weekend of competition and camaraderie. This event is open to riders outside of Ashley Hall including alumnae who return to compete for the coveted Emily Ravenel Farrow ‘33 Alumnae Cup.     

Congratulations to all of our winners and participants listed below:  

McBee House Cup
1st Place | Kaitlyn Noone ’23
2nd Place | Ella Hudson ’25
3rd Place | Pierce Wilson ’23

Jenkins Hall Cup
1st Place | Liza Ziel ’27

Lane Hall Cup
1st Place | Sallie Dollens ’26
2nd Place | Jane Lesemann ’30
3rd Place | Bee Dollens ’29
4th Place Emme Miller ’28
5th Place | Isabella Smith ’29

Pardue Hall Cup
1st Place | Adelaide McKenna ’30
2nd Place | Madeline Graham ’26
3rd Place | Harper Riley ’30

Alumnae Cup (Section A) | Allison Andrews 15

Alumnae Cup (Section B)
1st Place | Anna Bradley Marrow ’17
2nd Place | Allison Andrews ’15
3rd Place | Amanda Oswalt Taylor ’02
4th Place | Mary Moore Cummings ’02
5th Place | Caroline Ravenel Strange ’10

For more information on the Ashley Hall Equestrian Team, please feel free to contact Ashley Hall Athletic Director, Franny Slay ’80 at [email protected].