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Wellness at Ashley Hall

Personal Awareness and Wellness Seminar

The PAWS program, developed by Dean of Students Kelly Wood and Director of College Admissions Amanda Murrell, prepares Ashley Hall students for success in school, college and life.

Family Style Dining and Slow Food

AH‟s new dining facility, which includes culinary arts classrooms and kitchens, will enable us to engage students directly with the issues surrounding "food culture." And as we seek new sources for more healthful foods and for more locally and regionally grown seasonal products, we can devise healthful menus that also promote economic and environmental awareness.

Physical Education

We're making creative use of an urban space! We have introduced an adventure-based component to the curriculum, using activities such as rock climbing to enhance social/emotional development via physical education. The traversing wall presents many teachable mo- ments that we use to help students become better problem solvers or more effective communicators.


The Counseling Department's program is based on the premise that continuous growth in the areas of physical, intellectual, ethical and social-emotional well-being is necessary for students to reach these goals. The Counseling Department activities reflect our desire to facilitate continuous growth by the Ashley Hall family of students, parents and faculty.