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Jenkins Hall Science and Math

In our Upper School, Ashley Hall integrates mathematics and the sciences into a single department, allowing faculty to develop co-curricula that match course content in the sciences with requisite and complementary math skills. Students are able to understand the correlation between mathematical concepts and scientific applications, making both disciplines more meaningful, rewarding and relevant.

To establish a sound foundation for advanced study in the sciences, all students are expected to complete Algebra I by the end of the eighth grade. From that point, depending on their interests and demonstrated aptitudes, students may continue their math trajectory toward Advanced Placement Calculus, Advanced Placement Statistics or college preparatory Algebra III/Trigonometry.

The parallel science sequence takes students through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in preparation for elective Advanced Placement courses in those subjects. Taking full advantage of our coastal resources, electives in Oceanography and Marine Science are also available. If their schedules permit, students may take more than one mathematics or science course in their junior and senior years.