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Friendships that last a lifetime

At Ashley Hall, friendships are only the beginning of the Ashley Hall sisterhood. Whether they emerge in the Early Education Center, Lower or Upper School, these bonds prove to last a lifetime.

College Counseling

From Here to There at Ashley Hall | Private School in Charleston, SC

College Counseling at Ashley Hall begins as as early as the 9th grade and then in earnest during junior year preparing the student for their educational journey beyond Ashley Hall. This dedicated office helps with every step of the college application process ensuring the right college fit is found by each student. 

“We found Ashley Hall’s College Counseling to be a highly personalized process, starting with lots of questions that drew out the needs and interests of our daughter, followed by wide-ranging and thoughtful recommendations and ending with meticulous followup. While college admissions is a nerve rattling process for even the most collected parents and high school seniors, Ashley Hall’s College Counseling was done in a manner that minimized stress for our daughter and maximized affirmation and emotional support.” -Ashley Hall Dad

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PAWS (Personal Awareness and Wellness Seminars)

PAWS at Ashley Hall

PAWS (Personal Awareness and Wellness Seminars) are conducted monthly throughout the year. PAWS engages students in the Upper School (Grades 7-12) in discussions of matters ranging from the specific health needs of women to the intricacies of managing one’s immediate and long-term financial well-being. It’s a three pronged program that intentionally and purposefully combines academic advising, college counseling, and life skills.

Discover Your Place at Ashley Hall

There are many reasons a family chooses Ashley Hall— the innovative and engaging curriculum, an all-girls learning environment, our historic downtown campus, and a beautiful culture of community and support. To hear directly from the students that make our school authentically Ashley Hall, click on the image above to take a tour of campus.  

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The School’s ongoing stability is derived in large part from a continuity of campus culture rich in tradition, a respect for the past which steadies our stance in the present which enables us to plan for the future with confidence in our ability to, in the words of our school prayer, “know that which is worth knowing, to love that which is worth loving…with true judgment to distinguish things that differ….” Our resolve is further buttressed by our collective dedication to the Ashley Hall Hallmarks, habits of mind and action which all of us at Ashley Hall—students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumnae—strive to cultivate in ourselves, namely, to be intelligent, creative, compassionate, discerning, collaborative, purposeful, and worldly.

  • Big Sister +  Little Sister Program
  • Purples and Whites
  • The annual Christmas Play
  • Fathers’ Morning
  • Maypole Presentation

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Ashley Hall is an independent private school for girls, serving kindergarten through twelfth grade students, with a coeducational preschool in Charleston, South Carolina.