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Spirit of SC: What did you learn from this experience?

Ashley Hall Program: What did you learn from this experience?by Spirit of South Carolina on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 11:48am

On the last night, we asked our participants to share what they learned from their ten-day voyage. Here are their responses, as recorded on night watch while sailing 7+ knots in 25 knots of wind:

  • I learned that I am too quiet at times and I need to learn to speak up more. Also, I have too much clutter in my life making it too complicated. I need to simplify.
  • I learned so much more than I ever thought I could learn about sailing from hauling sails to plankton. On a greater scale, however, I learned that good leadership comes from communication, confidence, trust, reason, and most importantly, critical thinking. The best leaders are able to rely on mostly their own knowledge and reason to solve problems and make good decisions. I also learned the value of time and what my actual values are that I should be spending time on.
  • I learned that life can solely be lived around the simple things in life. By focusing on those, I have been able to be much more presence-minded and overall, happier.
  • I learned that I can really do anything I put my mind to. I also learned that I can lead other people and I can survive without many things I used to think were necessary/extremely important like daily showers and electronics.
  • I learned the importance of putting others first.
  • I learned all about this lifestyle that is so different from what I am used to, specifically I learned what all needs to be done to get a sailboat moving.
  • I learned that I'm actually braver than I think I am. I have the ability to live without electronics and still enjoy my life.
  • I learned to appreciate what I have and everyone and everything around me. I learned how important it is to be able to operate on little.
  • I learned to always stay positive, no matter what is happening around me. I am always trying to think on the bright side.
  • I learned it doesn't matter if you mess up, you just need to try. If you do mess up, you learn from your mistakes and move on. That was tough for me at the beginning but each day I got more confident and let myself make mistakes and I did learn from them.
  • I learned you need to work as a team to get things done on the ship. Whether it’s raising a sail or soles ‘n bowls, working together gets the job done faster and more efficiently.
  • I learned that being a leader requires having confidence in yourself and also in others.
  • From this experience, I learned that sometimes I am too loud and over-forceful and need to let others speak up and be leaders too. I also learned that I need to put trust in others and fully believe that they are just as capable as I am.
  • I learned that everyone plays a huge part in all respects to the watch and the trip. It is extremely important to work together!
  • I learned that every person is as important as the other. We all play a huge part in the process. It is so important that we all work together. We can get through anything if we work as a team.
  • I learned that I need to be more confident and stand up for myself. I learned that being a good leader means listening to what your team has to say rather than blindly leading them. I learned that being a good leader doesn’t mean you have to be mean or hard on your team and sometimes the leader has to work with the team as well.
  • I learned that I love to sail! But I have also gained greater perspective about how to use my time when at home.
  • I learned that I need to appreciate what I have, even the small things such as a shower.
  • I learned a lot about being there for one another and how important and meaningful it is to others. I learned how to be not only a leader, but a good one. I realized that being afraid is okay and human. You just have to pull through.
  • That I am more capable than I first thought
  • I learned that I rely on electronics too much and I have noticed I am capable of completing my tasks all on my own.