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PQV to Maddie Schutte '17 and Ziwie Zhou '12

On March 2 and 3 at 8:00pm, seventh grader Maddie Schutte and her "sister", senior Ziwie Zhou, will be performing in "Fascinations" at the Sottile Theatre. Ziwei, an international student from China, joined the Ashley Hall community and the Schutte family in her Junior year. Maddie and Ziwei quickly discovered a common interest in music. Maddie has studied violin and Ziwei has studied cello both for 7 years! Senior, Abbie Gibson, loaned her Cello to Ziwei and Maddie and Ziwie auditioned and were asked to play with the Youth Orchestra of the LowCountry.

EnCorps Arts, a collaborative group formed by The Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry (YOLOW), The Robert Ivey Ballet, and the Charleston Art (chART) Outdoor Initiative has created Fascinations, a full-length multidisciplinary arts performance. Robert Ivey dancers will perform to live orchestral arrangements played by YOLOW set to original artworks created by the artists of chART. The mission of enCorps Arts is to create unique multisensory art experiences for diverse audiences.

For more information and tickets, please visit www.encorpsarts.org