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PQV to Elena Dardar, Recipient of the 2012 Daisy Barron Leland Award


Congratulations to French Teacher, Elena Dardar, who was presented with The Daisy Barron Leland Award for Teaching Excellence on Monday, April 23. The Daisy Barron Leland Award for Teaching Excellence is named in honor of Daisy Barron Leland, who taught mathematics at Ashley Hall for 22 years. Each year it is given in recognition of teaching excellence in mathematics, science or the use of technology in the classroom. Other criteria include teaching problem solving skills, not the study of rules and procedures; creating a positive atmosphere for learning by encouraging all students to participate; allowing students to formulate ideas; encouraging risk taking and peer teaching; designing lessons that encourage investigations and explorations, where the teacher functions as a facilitator.

In her remarks on Elena qualifications for the award she shared, "This teacher truly embraces the use of technology with her students and families. Not only does she use technology every day with her students, she is currently enrolled in a Master's program that will allow her to increase and enhance her use of technology in her teaching as well as to become more aware of what is cutting edge in the field. While conducting a transportation lesson with a class she incorporated the use of a laptop to play sounds of different modes of transportation. This lesson was conducted 100% in French and when these students heard the sounds they excitedly called out the names of the different modes of transportation in French. Not only were the children using French, they were participating in an auditory discrimination lesson that involved technology in the classroom. She also works collaboratively with the Kindergarten classes and junior French students through the use of a website called 'Jabbersize'. This effort is truly an interactive, collaborative experience that integrates foreign language and technology. She expects students to do their best work and provides well-planned lessons that allow her to differentiate according to the needs of the individual students. Her use of the Learning Commons to communicate with parents could serve as a model for all of us."

Congratulations, Elena!