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Ashley Hall Parents

Where are the parent resources on the Ashley Hall website?
The Ashley Hall Learning Commons is a password protected online community for parents, students, and teachers. It is the best place for learning, communication, and parent resources on the web. The Commons provides parents easy access to all their students' assignments, resources, and teachers. It also opens all of Ashley Hall's classrooms to the parent body for exploration so they can learn what is happening in other divisions.

Parent's Login at the top of the page under "Search Our Website":

If you are a current parent and want to login please, click on "Learning Commons Login," and after the page slides down type in your email or username and password. If you are a parent, faculty, or staff who has never logged into the Learning Commons before, enter your email as a first time user and the Learning Commons will send you an email with a password (Please Note: Your email address must be in the school's database for this to work). Then you input this email password into the next page's text field and press submit. This will log you into the Learning Commons for the first time.

On your next login use the Return user login on the top right. You can use the password the system generated for you or you may change your password by clicking on "Change Your Password" on the left of the homepage of the Learning Commons. (Please note: Do not go to Account > Password to change your password. We have disabled this as a way to change your password.)

Students were issued usernames and passwords.  Students are the only users of the Learning Commons who will login with a username, and they will use their username instead of an email to login to the Learning Commons. Students may not change their passwords at this time.


Forgot your password?

Parents, faculty, or staff may reset their password by going back through the "First Time User Activation" process. The Learning Commons will reissue you a password, and it will log you in. Then when you login as a Return User, you will use the new password.

Students may see their division's secretary for their password, if it is lost or forgotten.

** Students should never try to reset their password by logging in as a first time user.

Problems Logging In?

If you are ever having any trouble logging in, contact our Web Presence Manager at adkinsm@ashleyhall.org.

Usage Tips and Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Changing Password (for non-students)
  2. Using Directories: Finding Directories
  3. Using Directories: Using Faculty/Staff Directory
  4. Using Directories: Using Parent/Student Directory, Class Lists, Printing
  5. Using Directories: Finding Siblings, Student Primary Address
  6. Notification Settings: Find them on the LC
  7. Notification Settings: Managing your settings
  8. Division Materials: Finding Division Specific Materials
  9. Homepage and Navigation Changes
  10. New Placement of Search, Account, Profile
  11. Where AH Weekly content goes on the Learning Commons.
  12. How to find Division specific AH Weekly News on the Learning Commons.
  13. How to post a comment on all school or division news.