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One Day Without Shoes

On Tuesday, April 10 Ashley Hall's Pardue Hall students participated in the global One Day Without Shoes event.  The week prior the second grade talked about being Purposeful in morning meeting with Eva Baucom and the Paw Print Players.  They discussed the challenges of children around the world who do not have shoes and said that while it could be fun to go barefoot at school they were going to be very purposeful about it and learn more about the problem.  Internationally the idea is to commit to a solid 24 hours without your shoes to raise awareness.  Pardue Hall students decided instead to participate for 2 hours.  Other Pardue Hall activities that day included writing about life from the perspective of feet and designing shoes for TOMS Shoes.  Then the students participated in a science lab that taught them all about the health risks involved in having no shoes. After the event the students were so inspired by that two classes have discussed collecting shoes to donate locally.