Girls with the will have the ability…and serve as intelligent, worldly citizens seeking to gain greater understanding of others.

The Learning Spiral

Under the guidance of Head of School, Jill Muti, Ashley Hall has developed a comprehensive teaching philosophy to guide and shape its educational programs and practices. We call this philosophy The Learning Spiral in recognition of the fact that the processes of childhood development are not linear but recursive: children learn by incremental repetitions. Nurturing that continuity of experience is one of the principal intentions of the purposeful curriculum development and instructional methodology at Ashley Hall.

Conscious of our commitment to serving the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each student in every phase of her development and to do so in a manner consistent with our mission to “produce an educated woman who is independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence,” we at Ashley Hall have worked deliberately to translate these philosophical principles into effective curricula, methods, and support programs from our Early Education Center (co-ed 2 years-5 years) all the way through grades kindergarten to twelve. The Ashley Hall Learning Spiral is conceptualized by the nautilus shell.

To learn more about The Learning Spiral, click here to read a story excerpted from a recent Perspectives magazine, the magazine of Ashley Hall.

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