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Leadership Remarks

Elizabeth Rivers Lewine '54, Chair, & Hugh C. Lane, Jr., Honorary Chair

Create Our Future: The Centennial Campaign for Ashley Hall, the School's first ever endowment campaign, was publicly unveiled during the keystone event of Ashley Hall's Centennial Celebration in October. That night, we were also thrilled to announce that more than half of the $12 million campaign goal had already been raised through gifts by generous leading patrons. This auspicious beginning spoke both to the passion and loyalty of our Ashley Hall family and our confidence in meeting - perhaps even exceeding - the ultimate goal.

As we began the Centennial Campaign, Ashley Hall's existing, modest endowment was barely a quarter of that typical for Southern independent schools and only ten percent of the per student average enjoyed by leading girls' schools nationwide. The Centennial Campaign for Ashley Hall is closing that gap and will allow the School to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities to ensure a world-class education for our students - and secure Ashley Hall's position among the best independent schools in the nation.

A growing endowment enables Ashley Hall to attract and retain the very best students and faculty, offer innovative programs, maintain first-class facilities, provide scholarship support to qualified girls, and embrace new technologies. A healthy endowment not only makes programmatic and capital advancements possible, it allows us to make them when they are needed, a critical factor in accomplishing our mission.

Record numbers of alumnae visited the campus this year and witnessed the remarkable evolution of the School. Ashley Hall parents are committed to the innovative work of our teachers and staff to ensure the educational and personal growth of the girls. We have abundant evidence, indeed, that the pursuit of excellence is flourishing at Ashley Hall. The Centennial Celebration year may have ended, but the important work of the Centennial Campaign continues. Please help us maintain the legacy of excellence for the generations of Ashley Hall students to come by continuing to support Ashley Hall and by promoting the Centennial campaign to others. Thank you for helping to create our future!

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