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Jenkins Hall Physical Education

Physical Education at Jenkins Hall is focused on exposing our girls to a variety of lifetime activities. Our diverse movement curriculum is designed to refine the necessary psychomotor, cognitive, and affective skills in an effort to enable our students to recognize and understand the significant role physical activity will play in their life. By the completion of their 9th grade year, all students are expected to develop competence in at least two of the following movement forms- aquatics, dance, individual activities, dual activities, team sports, and outdoor pursuits. It is essential that every student leaves the 9th grade with the ability to assume an active role in achieving and maintaining a health enhancing level of physical fitness through the careful management of her participation in physical activity now and throughout the future years. The mission of the Physical Education Department is to empower all of our students to engage in regular physical activity, which is the foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.