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Lane Hall Science and Math

By the time Ashley Hall girls enter Intermediate School, they have had substantial practice in Everyday Math and are ready to make the transition to math practices which will prepare them for the increasingly specific demands of algebra, geometry, and beyond.

Intermediate School is also where so many of the other fundamentals learned in EEC and Pardue Hall come together, particularly the intrinsic correlation of math and science and technology. Ashley Hall's innovative STE(A)M curriculum synthesizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, encouraging students to grasp and appreciate how these seemingly disparate disciplines draw on similar resources and strategies. We are excited about our girls gaining STE(A)M, as this prepares them to be competitive and relevant in the 21st century while enhancing our classical curricula. In Lane Hall as in all our academic programs, teachers are particularly attentive to addressing students' differing learning styles and academic strengths.