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Ashley Hall Admission Process

Our Admission office takes time to get to know our applicant girls and families so both the school and the applicant are confident that Ashley Hall's environment is the right one for you. We welcome questions at any time. We are here to assist you through our simple but thorough process, which includes the following steps:

Submit an Inquiry

Fill out our online inquiry form or call the Admission team at (843) 965-8501. We will send you a customized packet and add you to our mailing list.

If you are inquiring about International Boarding Student Admission, please see the requirements.


Schedule a Campus Visit

Schedule a visit with our Admission office online or call (843) 965-8501. We are happy to arrange a tour and tell you more about upcoming admission events and open houses. We ask all applicants spend time on campus and in the classrooms. Please call the Admission office to schedule a shadow day.

Complete the Application for Admission

Complete the online application and submit the $75 application fee. 

Additional Steps (for Applicants to Pre-Kindergarten and up):

Acceptance letters for the first consideration period will be sent to 1st -11th grades on March 6, 2015. After this point, applications will still be accepted on a rolling basis.

Register for Admission Testing

For entrance into the Ross Early Education Center, observations are scheduled individually. Call (843) 965-8501 to arrange an observation appointment.

For entrance into Kindergarten through 4th grade, entrance testing is completed during each child's visit day. Call (843) 965-8501 to schedule an appointment.

For entrance into grades 5 through 11, register for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) by visiting www.iseetest.org or by calling (800) 989-3721. Ashley Hall also accepts the SSAT as a standard entrance exam for applicants to 5th - 11th grades.