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Head of School: Jill Muti

Dear Friends of Ashley Hall,

Miss McBee opened the doors of Ashley Hall believing that our society needed educated women who were independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence. She chose the use of a classical education to prepare young women for an ever changing cultural landscape. Much of what Miss McBee believed to be of value in 1909, still holds true today.

As we see and feel the effects of a global economy, with technological advances being made at the blink of an eye and international conflicts flaring throughout the globe, our children will need to be prepared to live and work in an increasingly complex world. Ashley Hall is prepared to offer an education that focuses on the whole child where students are engaged in a learning process that excites the imagination; an integrated rigorous curriculum where students can develop their intellectual skills as well as the capacity for responsibility toward the community at large.

Our continuing goal at Ashley Hall will be to create a learning environment which will allow its students to become enlightened citizens and constructive leaders and will empower them to be lifelong learners and thrive in our global society of the 21st century.


Jill S. Muti
Head of School