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Endowment funds help Ashley Hall recruit and support excellent students through scholarship aid. When merit and need based awards are expanded, access to an Ashley Hall education remains within reach for qualified, talented students.


Attracting and retaining outstanding teachers is one of the great challenges for any independent school. Competitive salaries, opportunities for professional development, and a thriving academic environment are hallmarks of leading schools and are all facilitated by a strong endowment. Endowment revenue provides the extra resources for faculty to continue their own process of lifelong learning which impacts our classrooms.


Endowment support allows Ashley Hall not only to preserve its mission and traditions but also to develop with confidence the educational innovations that will provide meaningful learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Whether sailing the seas in the Spirit of South Carolina Leadership program, volunteering with disabled children for the Charleston Miracle League, studying sea turtles at the South Carolina Aquarium, or performing in the Chamber Music Ensemble at Piccolo Spoleto, Ashley Hall students are challenged to be active participants in their intellectual growth and leadership development. Increasing the endowment will allow Ashley Hall to continue to introduce purposeful and challenging academic programs for the girls.


In any economic climate, there are bound to be rainy days. A healthy endowment provides an assurance against financial downturns and a stable source of revenue to sustain Ashley Hall in every facet of our mission. The School depends on the continued growth of the endowment to ensure that the highest quality girls' education is always offered to Ashley Hall students.


Setting has both practical and community implications for a school. Facilities that are strategically designed to support programmatic objectives, and allow for flexibility of application and technological adaptation, are essential to the success of Ashley Hall's mission and for creating a sustainable learning environment. A strong endowment makes it possible for the School to maintain its historic buildings, outfit new environmentally-friendly "green" buildings, create a welcoming environment, and plan for future facility needs created by educational initiatives.