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Academics Ross Early Education Center

(pre-primary to pre-first, ages 2-5; boys are enrolled through age 6)

Learning is exciting and fun at Ashley Hall. Because we believe that children learn best by following their innate curiosity, the Judith Webber Ross Early Education Center (EEC) is a carefully designed environment that encourages young students to explore, discover and grow.

The EEC curriculum is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach to Early Education. Children work with manipulative materials, making connections that lead them to a greater understanding of their world. Our warm and caring EEC teachers support emergent investigations that respond to the children's interests. For example, when three-year-olds expressed curiosity about how things grow, an herb garden was born. Children dug, watered, harvested, then learned math basics through holding a Farmers' Market. Similarly, language arts, science, math and social studies standards are integrated into lively investigations, creating authentic and memorable learning experiences.

Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively through language, drama, art, music and movement. During these formative language-development years, conversation in English is encouraged, and EEC students also benefit from daily exposure to foreign language.

All EEC lead teachers are experienced, Masters-level educators skilled in recognizing each child's developmental timeline and nurturing intellectual, social and physical growth according to a student's individual needs. In addition to our core academic program, children enjoy swimming, yoga, physical education, library and music activities. Our beautifully landscaped outdoor play areas provide students with wonderful opportunities for stimulating healthy bodies and brains.