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EEC Physical Education

All children in the Ross EEC take creative movement classes with Wendy Robbins, our studio teacher. Pre-Primary and Primary students attend twice each week, and Pre-Kindergarten/Pre-First students attend once weekly. All EEC students take swimming class once weekly with Maggie Laney, and the Pre-K/Pre-First also have a weekly PE class with Franny Slay. In Kindergarten, the children have a once weekly swim class, a once weekly dance class, and PE classes three times each week.

In Ross EEC, Ivy Kalik serves as the divisional counselor. Ms. Kalik provides support for students, teachers and parents when necessary. She also presents workshops for the parents two to three times annually on subjects such as Approaches to Discipline or Self-Esteem and Your Child. In Pardue Hall, Eva Baucom acts as counselor for Kindergarten students, teachers and parents. Ms. Baucom meets with the Kindergarten girls twice each month to discuss topics such as Responsibility or Being a Good Friend.