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The provision, preparation, serving, and enjoying of meals defines a community's culture more than any other single aspect of their social existence. Ashley Hall incorporates this understanding into the daily life of the school as dining provides the cornerstone of the school's fully integrated wellness philosophy. Ashley Hall's family-style dining program provides students that important time to sit down together to nourish their bodies and relationships. It encourages girls of every age to practice social graces and conversational skills and to pay attention to what they eat, where it comes from and the impact it has on their health and community; lessons they take with them throughout their lives.

There are several simple tenets that drive the school's menu preparation and selection. Primary provider, Sodexo, ensures that the food served at Ashley Hall is safe in every sense: clean and free of toxins, free of potentially harmful allergens, free of preservatives or additives which diminish the raw food's essential nutritional value, and free of empty calories. Sodexo also sources local farmers and community partners to obtain fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Sample Weekly Menu and Food Philosophy