Celebrate the Ashley Hall Sisterhood!

Alumnae Weekend 2017

Held each spring on Ashley Hall’s historic campus, Alumnae Weekend is the perfect time to renew old friendships and celebrate the Ashley Hall sisterhood. While it is a special celebration for reunion classes, all alumnae are encouraged to attend! 

SAVE THE DATE: Alumnae Weekend | April 20-21, 2018

Online Alumnae Directory App

Connect with fellow Ashley Hall Alumnae across the country through the Ashley Hall Alumnae App. This dedicated App offers the allows you to see what alumnae live in your area or perhaps a city you may be planning to visit. To access the Ashley Hall Alumnae App, go to your app store and search for EverTrue. Then look for Ashley Hall. It’s that easy! Click the button below to learn more.

Did you know Evertrue Community App interfaces with LinkedIn? By linking your LinkedIn account with Community you can:
  • Include fellow alumnae in job searches and changes.
  • Connect with alums by interest and professions.
  • Increase your alumnae networking capabilities.

Alumnae Directory App

Live the Legacy

With the goal of supporting each other and Ashley Hall, the Alumnae Association is the perfect way to stay connected and involved. The Alumnae Association Board are volunteers who give extra time, talent and treasure to ensure all alumnae can connect to the school. 

Alumnae Association Board
  • President | Molly Waring ’02
  • Vice President | Maura Hogan ’82
  • Past President/Nominating Chair | Cashion Drolet ’97
  • Secretary/Treasurer | Annie Hutson McEwen ’05
  • Mary Crawford Guerry ’03
  • Dolly Lockwood Lipman ’82
  • Rhett Ramsay Outten ’82
  • Amy Jenkins ’82
  • Elizabeth Rivers Lewine ’54
  • Annie Caroline Reid ’63
  • Eliza Cleveland ’66
  • Anne Cogswell Burris ’71
  • Nancy Muller ’71
  • Mary deSaussure Cutler ’73
  • Missee Tuttle Fox ’73
  • Anne Jervey Rhett ’74
  • Saida Alexander Russell ’76
  • Martha Thornhill Walters ’82
  • Janie Ball ’86
  • Polly Walton Buxton ’86
  • Anne Marks Jones ’86
  • Felicia Middleton Skoglund ’90
  • Anne Osbourne Tibbals ’92
  • Rhett Templeton Ambrite ’94
  • Jennie Brooks-Pegues ’97
  • Melissa Joseph Varnell ’98
  • Courtney Parades Plotner ’00
  • Carnes Eiserhardt Campbell ’01
  • Jane Werrell Prevost ’06
  • Mariana Hay ’09
Young Alumnae Association Board

The Young Alumnae Council connects young alumnae (classes of 2001 – 2016) with each other and the school through a variety of activities including regular Happy Hours, service opportunities, and college aged alum events.

  • President | Jane Werrell Provost ’06
  • Vice President | Boykin Foxworth Anderson ’08
  • Past President | Mary Crawford Guerry ’03
  • Secretary/Treasurer | Arden Hare ’09
  • Amy Jenkins ’82
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson ’04
  • Rebecca Blackman ’02
  • Katie Gallagher Gay ’01
  • Cameron Widman Leyh ’03
  • Erin Finch Stevens ’01
  • Ellen Neff Hassell ’06
  • Charlotte Morrow ’10
  • Ellen Hay ’08
  • Brooks Harken ’06
  • Drew McKnight ’04
  • Elizabeth Finch ’05

Interested in becoming more involved, please contact Amy Jenkins ’82 at jenkinsa@ashleyhall.org for more information. 

Keep In Touch

Ashley Hall alumnae are making their mark on the world both professionally and personally. We want to hear about your accomplishments and remain in contact. If you haven’t heard from us in awhile, please update your personal information and share any special news you might have. Be sure to include your email address so that we can add you to our monthly Alumnae eNewsletter.

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 “I love Ashley Hall for the sense of community it has fostered both during and following my time as a student here.” —Molly B. Waring, Class of 2002 

Find Fellow Alumnae

Lost touch with former classmates? Let us know who you are looking for and we will help make the connection.

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Ashley Hall Alumnae Relations

At Ashley Hall, success is more than a means to an end. Life after Ashley Hall is filled with endless opportunity and support. Each Ashley Hall alumna has behind her a network of confident, passionate, and independent women who are there to provide support and guidance throughout her life.

“As a student at Ashley Hall, I received a solid foundation with great emphasis on Latin, math, and Shakespeare, which helped prepare me for the future.” —Barbara Pierce Bush ’43 and former First Lady

To learn more and become involved, contact:

Frances Parker Magee ’74 | Director of Alumnae Engagement and Advancement Services | mageef@ashleyhall.org | (843) 965-8454

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