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2011 Senior Projects

2011 Projects

Each year senior girls present to the community the culmination of their two years of work on individual Senior Projects. These project presentations are the capstone of a student's course of study on a personal passion that began during her Junior Internship and progressed throughout her senior year. Under the mentorship of Nick Bozanic, Chris Hughes and Libby Russler, students present a prepared lecture with citations on their individual project every other week throughout the year as a facet of their senior level English courses. At the end of the academic year, their work is reviewed by a panel of their peers, faculty and adults. The Class of 2011's projects reflect the diversity of interests that makes this class so special.

Laura McGuinn: Cirque du Lautrec
After my visit to Musée d'Orsay in Paris over the summer, I became fascinated by turn- of- the- century art in Paris. I studied the culture and its artistic influences, as well as the art quarter Montmartre. As I delved deeper into the period, I decided to focus on the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and produce a series of pieces inspired by him, including paintings, drawings and posters. (Laura is pictured to the left below.)
Shannon Laribo: Behind the Scenes
Film is an art that encompasses many other arts. As an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker, I've spent much of my time studying this art. In this project, however, I used what I have learned over the years, what I've learned during my Junior Internship in different departments of the film industry, and what I've learned this year to help me make my first film. Through the full process of making a movie, from preproduction, production and post, I strive to find my voice as a film artist. My debut short film "Yet Another Raid" is about Liam, who becomes self destructive when he is told he is going to die soon. (Shannon is pictured to the right above.)
Elizabeth Scarborough: To The Beat of Your Heart
I decided to plan a concert for my senior project after I had heart surgery in the spring of sophomore year. I was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, a heart condition that causes a rapid, uncontrollable heartbeat. Needless to say, I was pretty dormant that spring; however, my resting time allowed me to reflect on the little things in life most people take for granted. As I was contemplating what life meant to me, I realized that the only reason people live is because of other people. I live my life because of other people and so when I was presented with the responsibility of planning a senior project, I wanted to live for other people. With this in mind, I began planning a benefit concert which I named To The Beat of Your Heart. The combination of my love for music, children, and human health came together on March 12th when friends, families, doctors, and musicians came to To The Beat of Your Heart. I learned a lot about concert planning and music, but I also learned a lot about what it means to help people, and how to push past obstacles in order to achieve something greater than yourself. So far, we have raised $4000 for the MUSC Children's Hospital and I am still receiving generous donations which I am so thankful for.
Callie Turnage: p.e.a.r.l.-- A Skincare Line

I always found myself trying new products. It became a passion of mine to find the latest and best possible products for my skin. This is when I learned a lot of the products we put on our faces are full of unwanted, damaging ingredients. I decided to further my knowledge by creating and marketing a three product skincare line designed specifically for girls like me. During this process I began to educate my classmates on the ingredients and science behind making skincare products. My skincare line titled, p.e.a.r.l., is composed of organic ingredients and each bottle was designed personally.
Alex Howard: Flourish Custom cloche hats for girls
I wanted to give my friend a gift that would restore her confidence during a particularly devastating time in her life, so I crafted her a one-of-a kind hat. Once I saw how much of an impact one hat could make, I set out to develop a way to extend this service to all young girls who are undergoing cancer treatment and the effects of chemotherapy. It was kismet when a millinery class was offered during the following Winterim. I have since launched a program with the Medical University of South Carolina's Children's Hospital in order to provide custom hats for girls who are currently undergoing cancer treatment. Each hat is crafted on blocks by renowned milliner, Guy Morse Brown, and embellished with an exquisite selection of trimmings ensuring that each girl receives a hat that is unique.  
  Alex Howard Hats